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Rough Week, Here’s How To Relax

Busy week ending in feeling drained and a bit anxious?  Don’t worry, we got you.

Rough week, here’s how to relax. Sometimes the week is just filled with lots of things requiring thoughts, emotions, actions and massive amounts of brain drain.  Stir in relatives, politics, minor crosses and a few other unexpected things and sometimes Friday rolls around and you are exhausted and a bit stressed out. Terms like Weekend Anxiety Syndrome and Sunday Scaries are entering our mental health vocabulary alongside the Monday Blues. These terms describe the feelings you get before you go back to your normal Monday to Friday work routine. It’s that feeling of dread, the knot in your stomach, the racing of your heart. We hear you about a rough week, here’s how to relax.

Set a time to stress out

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Experiencing an overflow of emotions, even if they’re positive, can leave us feeling drained, like we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. These concerns can take up brain space and consume large portions of our days. It’s cliché to say “don’t stress out,” instead, try to limit the amount of stressing out that you do, even if it sounds silly. Set up 15 to 30 minutes a day where you can think about what stresses you out — perhaps writing it down or making a plan to address these issues — and then try your best to let them go. If you’re someone whose routines are easily disrupted, avoid doing this in the early morning or late at night, since that can interrupt your productivity and sleep.

Disconnect from devices

Drawn out elections meant that most of us spent the majority of our days glued to the news and our smart phones. While you may be happy now seeing all of those videos of people celebrating and dancing on the streets, it’s important to cut the feeling of dependency to your phone. Now that there won’t be any breaking news at any minute (hopefully) you can focus on spending your time more wisely.

Practice breathing exercises

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Breathing exercises are a great way of dispersing anxious feelings, at least temporarily. If you find yourself overthinking in the early morning or with a pit in your stomach when trying to go to bed, focus on your breathing. If you want some visual aid, you can visit websites like this is sand, galaxy weaving and more.

A Gummy

More and more people are using a gummy just to take the edge off a the end of the day.  Marijuana is a know to help with stress and a small amount on Friday or Saturday can allow you to unwind without getting really high.

Stay in the present

2020 is the year of uncertainty. This won’t magically change with a new president or a new year. While it is stressful to think about all the changes that are coming, it’s important to cultivate your relationships and to look for activities that make you feel happy and fulfilled. These small achievements will help you feel more positive and will help you stay rooted in the present moment.

If you have had had a rough week, here’s how to relax tips hopefully have been helpful.


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