Friday, September 30, 2022

10 Women Elon Musk Should Follow On Twitter

Yesterday Motherboard editor Sarah Jeong pointed out the painfully obvious: Despite being notoriously active on the site, Elon Musk doesn’t follow any women on Twitter. At press time, he follows 55 people, brands and news outlets total, 21 of which are men. One of which is Ryan Reynolds. Can’t fault him on that.

In true Elon style, he wasted no time firing back on Twitter:

Shortly after, he followed his first-ever Twitter Woman: GQ Magazine’s Caity Weaver. “I’ve always considered myself one of the top women in the world, so I would say this shows excellent judgement on his part,” she said in a very important and revealing interview with the magazine.

Of course, it’s not a requirement to follow any particular demographic on social media, but being exposed to a wide variety of voices from all backgrounds and experiences benefits everyone. Especially when you’re running three companies shaping how our future will look: SpaceX, Solar City and Tesla. And especially when your industry has such a diversity problem.

As a friendly reminder to diversify your feeds — for Elon and all of us — here are a few suggestions for people to follow on Twitter:

Emily Lakdawalla

“Senior Editor & Planetary Evangelist, The Planetary Society. Planetary scientist, writer, public speaker. Writing a book on Curiosity mission. Asteroid 274860.”

Ellen Stofan

“Planetary geologist, STEM advocate, Chief Scientist of NASA”

Dr. Mae Jemison

“First woman of color in space, Physician, Scientist, Engineer, Explorer & Futurist. Leader 100 Year Starship. Someone who proves that daring makes a difference!”

Dava Newman

@NASA Deputy Administrator. Engineer. Explorer. Educator. Advocate for#STEAMD – science, technology, engineering, arts, math, design.”

Dr. Camille Alleyne

“Rocket Scientist | Speaker | Humanitarian |S.T.E.M. Ambassador”

Sam Cristoforetti

“Samantha Cristoforetti. European of Italian nationality. Lived on ISS Nov’14-Jun’15. Now adjusting back to being an Earthling on our beautiful spaceship Earth.”

Jenn Gustetic

Public Sector Innovator & Aerospace Engineer. Passionate abt partnerships & engagement. Current & former tribes:@NASA @whitehouseostp @MIT @UF.

Katie Mack

“(a.k.a. Dr Katherine J Mack) astrophysicist, occasional freelance science writer, connoisseur of airplane food”

Sarah Jeong

“contributing editor @Motherboard. nested deep inside #toomanyfolders.”

Talulah Riley

“My first novel ACTS OF LOVE from@HodderBooks is on UK bookshelves August 11th! Co-founder: @joinforgeInstagram: @talulahrm

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