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Here Are Two Amazing Moon Videos On Eclipse Day

Missing the eclipse?  Here are two videos to show the wonder of the moon- including the restored Moonwalk.

Only part of the country will see a full eclipse, but it doesn’t mean people haven’t immersed themselves in the rare happening. Roughly 32 million people in the US live in the totality path, with officials predicting another 5 million people will travel to catch the moments.  Krispy Kreme has even come out with an eclipse donut!  But for most people, it is either a non event or it will spoiled by work, weather or something else. For the moon uber-fan – there is almost something better. And for a true, once in mankind moment, the restored first human steps on the moon.

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After thousands of years of people seeing the moon and making wild guesses about it, science won and man touched the moon.  In 1969 the American spaceflight Apollo 11 landed the first humans on the lunar crust. Commander Neil Armstrong and Lunar Module Pilot Buzz Aldrin landed the Eagle on July 20at 20:17 UTC with Armstrong becoming the first person to step onto the Moon’s surface six hours and 39 minutes later.  The filming of this has been restored and released.

The next video is NASA showing how incredible the moon looks on 4K resolution. The footage was captured by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, a spacecraft tasked with recording the different sides of the moon and capturing the satellite in all its glory.

This footage was recorded in 2011, when the spacecraft was launched on a mission called the Tour of the Moon, where the camera visits a lot of interesting sites in order to show the different features of lunar terrain. The footage was recently released with a voice over and 4K resolution, so people would make popcorn, watch this with their friends and scream every five seconds about how trippy and weird space is.

The tour shows the viewer the different sides of the moon, including the parts that are facing the Earth, which can be seen through a telescope, and the areas that can only be seen from space. It also includes digital elevation models, which show how the terrain is made up.

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The guy who narrates the video explains the different parts of the moon and informs you on interesting things, such as a part of the moon that features some of the coldest weather ever reported.

Krispy Kreme's Eclipse Donut


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