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Does Marijuana Legalization Lead To More Problematic Weed Use?

Marijuana legalization increased marijuana use and cannabis use disorder among older adults, a new study finds.

How Legal Weed Will Be Problematic For Police In Pot-Free Indiana

There is about to be an uprising of interstate drug trafficking that will only serve to tax law enforcement resources and make their jobs harder overall.

You Have The Highest THC Strain — So What?

THC is the intoxicating compound that made cannabis a rock star. It is still the sole consideration for some shoppers when picking a product in a retail store.

5 Memory Boosters That Actually Work

Certain foods, drinks, and activities claim to improve your memory. Here are a few that have some scientific support.

5 Things About CBD Cigarettes You Should Know

These products aren’t the most popular form of CBD delivery, but they do serve consumers looking for a joint-like smoke.

Canine Arthritis Is A Real Problem And Cannabis Could Help

The active compounds in cannabis are showing promise in the lab when it comes to treating the pain associated with certain types of canine arthritis.

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5 Well-Known Scientists Who Smoked Marijuana

Science and drugs go hand-in-hand. While not a subject that the nation’s educational system has had the guts to teach, we now know that many brilliant minds consumed mind-altering substances during their quest to change the world.

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By The Numbers: Celebrities Busted For Marijuana Each Year Since 2011

This may shock some of you, but celebrities smoke marijuana. We know, we can barely believe it ourselves. Celebs, they’re just like us, huh?

The Pros And Cons Of Flying While Baked

Flying during the holidays while baked is an activity that is neither inherently pleasant or awful, here are the pros and cons.

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