Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Here’s Why So Many Adults Aren’t Getting Laid

According to research by Shervin Assari at the University of Michigan many adults aren't getting laid. No wonder there is so much unhappiness in the world.

A Shot Of Chili Vodka Landed This Guy In The Hospital

Hot chili peppers are fun. But when it comes in liquid, liquor form, hot pepper infused foods can be even more dangerous. Especially chili vodka.

Watch: The Brawl Of The Century Went Down In A Taco Bell

This is one way to quit a job. It’s definitely not the best way, but it might be the most fun, in hindsight. It’s no love at first taco, but it’s just as passionate: A woman who...

Cuba’s Bringing Back ‘Love Motels’ To Help People Get Sexy

Cuba, with its warm sun, rich cultural history, and gorgeous beaches, is a no-brainer hotspot for tourists. It’s also really easy to get in the mood.

5 Ridiculously Embarrassing Public Sex Stories

There’s a little exhibitionist in many of us. The thrill of doing something naughty in a place you’re not supposed to can be a total turn on. But what happens when public sex goes awry? Recently, Buzzfeed asked...

What’s Going On With R. Kelly’s Abusive Sex ‘Cult’?

Early Monday reports surfaced that R. Kelly was holding six women against their will in what parents have labeled an abusive sex cult.

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