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What We Learned At Toronto’s Three-Day Cannabis Expo

To say that things are looking up for the  cannabis in Canada would be a vast understatement. In the past six months alone, the Canadian government has pledged to legalize cannabis for adult use, major companies have expressed an interest in getting involved in the industry, and medical patients were deemed to have a constitutional right to grow their own cannabis.

Last weekend, more than 10,000 cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs gathered in Toronto for the second annual Lift Cannabis Expo to discuss the industry’s bright future.

The three-day conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre focused on industry developments, investment opportunities and the medical developments. More than 200 industry representatives set up information booths to help educate and inform attendees.

According to co-founder Tyler Sookochoffl Lift started in January in 2014 as an information resource blog and has since morphed into a major expo company, bringing in big names in the industry.

Ross Rebagliati, winner of the first Olympic gold in snowboarding in Nagano, Japan, in 1998 and now owner of a cannabis company, was in attendance representing his Ross’ Gold, a retail company based in Kelowna B.C.

“My responsibility after Nagano was to destroy the stereotypes and the stigma around cannabis,” the Rebagliati told NewLeaf TV. “I think it is a preventative substance and I really hesitate to call it a drug.”

NewLeaf TV was there in Toronto last weekend for the cannabis extravaganza and filed this video report:


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