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10 Most Potent Sativa Strains On The Market

This particular strain is very popular, as it is a pure and classic sativa strain. It is sought after in the cannabis market all over the world.

Year in year out, new sativa strains are being developed, while the already existing ones are being improved. Experienced cannabis smokers already know which strains to go for if they want a classical or newly developed strain. Newbie smokers might however be confused on which to go for.

As we all know, the cannabis market is littered with different products. This is why this list has been carefully researched and put together to help everyone know the most potent sativa strains on the market this year.

To curate this list, the energizing, euphoric, and creative effects of several sativa strains were observed, along with their THC level.

Let’s dive in!

#1—Green Crack

The Green Crack strain is well known for extreme stress levels going down to zero after just a few puffs. This sativa strain has a harsh but sweet flavor that combines with a fruity and herbaceous note to leave an unforgettable taste in your mouth. It produces an energizing and creative feeling in the user that’s almost unbelievable.

It leaves a long-lasting high during which users are still mentally aware and focused on happenings around them. With these features and a THC level of 17%, Green Crack is a must-have sativa strain of 2021

#2—Durban Poison

One can hardly smoke the Durban Poison strain without falling in love with it. It has extraordinary effects that uplifts the mood of the user while inducing a burst of energy. It can be smoked whenever a person is feeling depressed and has no appetite. Medically, it is used to treat patients with chronic pains and nausea.

It has an appealing flavor and aroma that gives off spicy and creamy vanilla notes. Durban poison is not poison at all, but rather a life-saver.

Why you didn't get the cannabis strain you think you did
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#3—Amnesia Haze

This strain is very popular, as it is a pure and classic sativa strain. It is sought after in the cannabis market all over the world.

With Amnesia Haze, you’re sure to have a better mood with heightened creativity. It has also been observed to relieve stress and other mental disorders in its users.

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With a THC that ranges from 17–22%, the Amnesia haze is very potent. Thanks to its long-lasting buzz, a stick of this strain are enough to sustain you through an energetic day.

#4—Sour Diesel

This is another classical strain. A puff of sour diesel transports you back to the memorable past.

It has one of the most pungent and distinct aromas that can be attributed to a sativa cannabis strain. It reeks of a sour flavored diesel-like odor.

With a THC of around 20%, it has an energizing effect on various classes of smokers—recreational and medical alike.

It provides an extra amount of relaxation, psychoactivity and relieves various medical symptoms. All of which it induces in quick time.

Blending Marijuana
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#5— Strawberry Cough

This is a sweet and very potent sativa strain whose origins have not been traced yet. This floral cannabis strain will induce a high level of happiness while you’re smoking it.

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, just get strawberry cough to induce euphoric cerebral effects that would certainly uplift your mood. It has a THC content of about 20% and can be used medically to treat symptoms.

#6—Jack Herer

Named after the powerful emperor, Jack Herer is a cannabis strain that is right for any recreational activity you have planned this year.

It is perfect for artists and writers searching for a burst of energetic creativity. After a few puffs, a feeling of clarity is induced with all the other attributes of being ‘high’. However, the user remains focused on the task at hand.

It is perfect for use during the day.

#7—Hulk berry

Not smoking Hulk Berry in 2021 is a mistake you don’t want to make. Named after the superhero Hulk, the Hulk Berry strain is a must for smokers looking to experience a buzz that’s more like a fantasy.

It is well acclaimed for its long-lasting effects that stimulate mood-elevating effects.

Any party planned for this year will be made better with the Hulk Berry strain.

This strain is living up to the legacy of its parents (OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel).

marijuana is a lot more than just thc
Assorted cannabis bud strains.
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#8—Purple Haze

One of the Greatest Of All Time, the purple haze is more than worthy to be on this list. If you can recall, Jimi Hendrix has a song dedicated to this legendary strain.

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It has a THC content of 20% that leaves smokers with a long-lasting high. It not only has energizing and euphoric reactions, but it also helps to manage and treat anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and other mental disorders.

This strain has an appealing aroma and flavor.

#9—Super Lemon Haze

This is a favorite strain globally. It is impossible to take the super lemon haze and not taste and smell the zesty feel of citrus. It is kike sour lemon mixed with sweets. Even the smoke has a citrus aroma.

The effects of this strain include intense euphoria, reduced level of stress, and other mood uplifting effects. As soon as you start cracking this strain, a creative feeling bursts out in you with increased focus. It also has a high THC level that makes it suitable for treating her symptoms of certain ailments.

#10—Blue Dream

Though not a pure sativa, the blue dream is a sativa-dominant strain. It yields a potent high that has a perfect balance between its energizing and sedative effects.

With a significantly high THC level, this strain is preferable for both experienced and new smokers.

Even its fruity and sweet taste induces a higher feeling of bliss and euphoria.

If you ever need to relieve stress and be happy, Blue Dream is the right strain to pick.

The Worst Marijuana Strains Of All-Time?
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Other strains worthy to be mentioned include:


99 Problems

Train Wreck

Maui wowie

Laughing Buddha


Silver Haze

Jamaican Dream

And That’s A Wrap!

I hope you use this list to make better decisions when choosing a sativa strain to buy. If you’re thinking of growing them, they’re all highly resistant and average-yielding plants with mostly feminized buds.

Have fun cultivating or puffing these extremely potent sativa strains and may 2021 be your highest year yet!

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