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10 Things You’re Doing Wrong While Smoking Marijuana

Smoking marijuana can seem like an intuitive and simple thing and for the most part, it can be. The act of smoking is still the most popular and readily-available way of consuming marijuana, so you need to know how to do it right.

We’ve made a list of the 10 most common smoking-cannabis-related sins people do without even knowing it. Check them out: 

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Smoking A Joint Like It’s A Cigar

You’re not supposed to smoke a joint like a mob boss by keeping the smoke swirling inside your mouth. You’re supposed to inhale the smoke inside your lungs, as if you were smoking a cigarette. There’s also a pervasive belief that the longer you hold the smoke in, the stronger its effect will be. False! Inhale, exhale. Easy.

Your lungs will absorb the THC pretty quickly so there’s no need to overdo it. Inhale deeply and then exhale.

Going All Out On Your First Time

Most seasoned marijuana users say they got extremely high during their first time smoking. This happens because newbies believe that they that they won’t get high their first time. People end up taking a lot of hits because of this, and not having the patience required to notice if their body is indeed feeling some changes.Take it slow, bro, and let that THC do it’s job.

Using Your Bong Carb Incorrectly

Your carb is that little hole in the side of your bong or pipe, and it’s not there for merely decorative reasons. You’re supposed to cover it as you light up, so that smoke accumulates, and then release it so you can inhale. Carbs are very misunderstood, and they can be the reason why some people don’t make the best out of their cannabis.

Not Knowing The Difference Between Your Indicas and Sativas

While you don’t need to be an expert on strains and their components, it’s important to know the basics of the two most common types of marijuana. Indicas are more mellow, and affect your body physically, leaving you relaxed and ready to chill out in the couch. Sativas are more intense and activate your brain, which makes them a great partner for parties and doing other types of active stuff. For newcomers who’re afraid of getting a bad high, Indicas are a more safe choice because they offer a smaller chance of getting paranoid.

Freaking Out

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If the freak out comes, it’s important to remember that if you only smoked marijuana there’s nothing to worry about. The anxiousness and paranoia will pass and in an hour (tops) you’ll feel way better. Distract yourself with your pet, watch a show or some cute cat videos and it’ll all be well.

It also helps for first timers to smoke with people they trust, someone who’ll be able to calm them down if they start getting too antsy. 

Using A Shitty Lighter

The fumes from matches and heavy butane lighters will ruin the quality and taste of your marijuana and will also fuck with your lungs, so try to buy a reliable and simple lighter that’ll improve your overall experience dramatically.

Packing Your Bowl Wrong

If you’re chopping your weed up with scissors and then stuffing it carelessly into your bowl, the marijuana gods are giving you the stink eye. Be sure to use a grinder and to put the right amount of weed in your bowl. Air should be able to circulate with ease.

Poor Marijuana Storage

Your marijuana must be stored in a dark cool place inside an airtight container. This will help in preserving its taste and effect. If you want to take the next step, then be sure to invest in a humidor which will solve a lot of your cannabis storage problems.

Coughing Means You’re Getting High

There’s some mystery surrounding coughing and smoking weed. Some claim that coughing is the symptom that you’re smoking some good quality herb, or that you’re starting to get high. None of this is true, coughing is generally related to the heat of the smoke you inhale and the irritation that causes to your throat and lungs.

Eating Marijuana Raw?

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People will do anything for a good high, especially when they’re not informed and they’re just getting involved with marijuana. Don’t be that person who eats marijuana leaves. This won’t accomplish anything; cannabis must be heated for its THC to be released.


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