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Here’s 10 Types Of Marijuana You Can Take To Focus

For every cause, there is an effect. For every bud you smoke, there is a reaction. The key to combating these effects such as sleepiness, hunger and extensive euphoria is knowing which type of strain is perfect for what you’re trying to accomplish.

For example, marijuana that’s higher on the THC side might have you feeling happy and euphoric, but also might have a dizzying cerebral high that’s not too great if you want to socialize with people or be productive. (FYI, I’m talking about you Blue Dream).

Know that there are multiple ways to consume marijuana, you can eat or drink it, rub it into your skin, vape, smoke and much more. Ask the budtenders at your local store which products have the strains listed and then pick how you want to put it into your body.


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The following are 10 strains you can order to help you focus.


Harlequin is the answer to your prayers. This sativa strain is spicy and herbal with a higher dose of CBD that will get your mind right on track. Plus, you’ll feel relaxed without becoming too sedated.

Blue Widow

Blue Widow is a hybrid strain that’ll even make the most mundane task, seem interesting. You can focus and get some enjoyment out of whatever it is that may require your attention. The strong sweet buds will definitely put you in a good mood, too

Ghost Train Haze

No you won’t be taken on a spooky, scary ride. In fact, Ghost Train Haze is the perfect combination of concentration and happiness. Plus, the sativa-dominant strain has a complex collection of flavors that’ll satisfy your senses.

Kali Mist

A lightweight sativa strain that’s part earthy and part sweet, Kali Mist is just what you need to be productive and sharp throughout the day.

Allen Wrench

If there was ever a sativa strain that would make cranking out hours of paperwork, dealing with obnoxious colleagues and insane management, slightly less gruesome, Allen Wrench is it. It’s citrusy and woody and the perfect happy high for concentration.

Blueberry Headband

This hybrid strain is 50/50 sativa and indica that produces a great cerebral high. You’ll feel happy and uplifted without the jitteriness to interfere with your productivity.

Super Sour Diesel

This strain is perfect for cranking out at-home projects. (It’s super dank and pungent smell might not be the best bud to indulge in before work).


Permafrost is actually great for treating patients with ADD/ADHD because of it’s relaxing, calming abilities that will have you focused, but not too fixated. The pine-like aromas are also very, very soothing.

Jesus OG

This herb deserves an amen. The lemony aromas create a nice high that call for clarity and functionality. Jesus OG is a sativa-dominant strain so you’ll be uplifted and inspired, while focused and driven.

Cherry Bomb

Cherry bomb is a fruity hybrid strain that’s explosive in the best way possible. It’s musky and berry, but it’s strong sativa buzz makes it a great daytime companion. You’ll feel happy, relaxed and have enough energy to concentrate fully.


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