Tuesday, July 16, 2024

3 States Poised To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In 2018

As of now, eight states have legalized the use of recreational marijuana and several more are primed to legalize in the next few years. Which ones are most likely to be ready in 2018, though?

Marijuana Business Daily opined that the following three state legislatures were most likely to grow the legal route in 2018: New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont.

It is predicted that New Jersey will go first. The unpopular Republican Governor Chris Christie finally leaves office in January and it looks like the Garden State is ready for change. Democrat Phil Murphy looks good for winning the election in November. Murphy is for the legalization of marijuana and there is a bill already before the legislature to do just that. It’s very likely that said bill is being held until there is a governor in office who will give it the right time of day…

New Jersey was the big surprise state, but Vermont and Rhode Island also seem set to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. It’s more of a surprise that they haven’t legalized fully just yet, because of their liberal legislatures that are often at the head of progressive efforts. Though they haven’t put the liberal leanings toward marijuana legalization yet, they are both predicted to do so in 2018.

Three more east coast states, Maryland, Delaware and Connecticut, are also likely to pass legalization measures soon, but 2018 may be a little too soon for bets.

Even more surprising than Jersey, two more states have chances of pushing through legal legislation in 2018: Louisiana and Iowa. Though both states are red and both have heavy anti-cannabis propaganda going around, marijuana activists are putting on the pressure for 2018. While most other states push their anti-pot agendas, however, Louisiana and Iowa both also have great grassroots programs for the plant and have the chance to break down walls next year.

If all three, or perhaps five, states go green in 2018 it will be great inspiration and leadership for states that are getting closer to considering the herb, for either medical or recreational marijuana. With every new slab of support, stigma falls away and new paths to legalization are paved.


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