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3 Ways To Fly High With Cannabis This Fourth Of July

After a year of lockdown, the Fourth of July is extra special this year. You won’t even need fireworks with these cannabis companions.

Cannabis is more entwined with American history than you might think. From colonial legislation requiring farmers to grow hemp to Vietnam veterans using it to cope with PTSD, the plant has played a huge role in our country’s development, and will continue to for years to come.

The now-essential industry evolved despite lockdowns, so it’s only fair that we (safely) celebrate on the same day we revel in our country’s independence with the best products growers coast to coast have to offer.

Independence Day
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Stick with Sativas

The summer days are still long in July, so in order to stay awake for the fireworks, you probably want a sativa flower. The strain Jack Herer, named for the American “emperor” of cannabis himself, is a heady sativa bursting with earthy terpenes and a heady buzz.

Another classic, Original Haze, dates back to the 1970s, and while it’s less energizing in its effects, it also imparts an intense and creative euphoria, perfect for enhancing the colors of fireworks in the sky.

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If both of those seem too intense, a strain like Tangie can deliver abundant flavor with a mild, giggly high for lounging by the grill.

Experiment with New Formulas

Cannabis legalization has allowed for operators to come out of the grow closet and pursue their passion for cannabis innovation wholeheartedly and without fear, and we’re reaping the benefits.

Edibles are no longer just butter-based brownies, and vapeable or dab-able concentrates are lab-tested for optimal potency and purity. Live-resin formulas preserve the plant’s spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, making them more flavorful and potent for the consumer, so an edible or vape pen made from live resin will last you a lot longer and feel a lot better than a cheaper alternative.

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Both ingestion and vaporization are also much more discreet than smoking, making them ideal for gatherings or celebrations with minors.

Swap Out Your Old Vices

Alcohol also has a long, complicated history in the United States, and nearly 6% of American adults 18 and older have an alcohol use disorder.

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It’s easy to load up on drinks for a holiday weekend with friends and family, but numerous cannabis companies are ready to provide you with alternatives, including wines, beers and seltzers, that feel just as good, without the harmful side effects or looming hangovers.

New technology, including nanoemulsions, make producing controlled, consistent and enjoyable cannabis-infused foods and beverages easier and more accessible, and you’ll never wonder what happened the next day.


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