Wednesday, October 4, 2023

4 Cannabis Topicals For Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful disorder that settles into the joints, causing inflammation, redness and other uncomfortable side effects. Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory, especially when THC and CBD are combined with other cannabinoids and cannabis components to create an entourage effect. And topicals go right to the source of pain. Here are 4 cannabis topicals for arthritis.

Not everyone lives in a legal state, so full cannabis extract salves or even creams with both THC and CBD working together aren’t going to be available to everyone. There are plenty of DIY articles on the web on how to make your own if you’re feeling ambitious, but pairing putting a CBD topical on your joints whilst smoking a joint will also increase the CBD benefits.

Topicals go right where you put them. If you live in Oregon, you have access to some of the best full spectrum topicals available in the country by Empower. Empower Body Care Products have slogans like “Put It Where It Hurts” and “Soak It When It Hurts,” which are pretty self-explanatory. The good news for those outside of Oregon is that Empower carries a white label line of hemp infused products. From topicals to soaking salts, you’re sure to find some relief with this brand.

A well kept secret in California and now Colorado is that though Whoopi & Maya’s topical “rub.” is marketed for menstrual discomfort, it is good for a plethora of pains and discomforts, including bee stings and, naturally, inflamed joints. It has a good reputation among the patient class as a general analgesic and anti-inflammatory and a lot of its reputation comes not just from cannabis alone. The proprietary  blend of herbs infused with the marijuana and carrier oils works wonders on pain.

Ambary Gardens CBD infused Deep Rub is their “deepest penetrating, most concentrated CBD infused shea butter salve provid[ing] soothing relief for sore joints.” It’s pure CBD, but clocks in at 250 mg, so a little bit goes a long way. Though you may need to repeat this rub for continuous effects, that’s true of most topicals. Remember the entourage effect, though. Try scoring some weed to supplement the THC and friends.

Another CBD topical with a good reputation is CBD Essence Active LifeStyle All Purpose Lotion. It’s full spectrum hemp oil combined with eucalyptus and other carrier and essential oils for synergistic relief. The peppermint addition is soothing and the cream lasts a long time once applied. This non-sticky, hemp based topical and the other aforementioned rubs, creams and potions are all good combatants to arthritic pain. Rub some in where you need it most, light one up and enjoy the relief.


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