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4 CBD Brands That Can Help Heal Dry Skin

The calendar may officially say spring, but try walking outside. The air still feels cold, windy, and crisp in many places. And one of the biggest downsides of this in-between season weather is that you might be experiencing drier skin than usual.

Dry skin can feel itchy, tight, and peel off in some cases. Dry skin can be particularly bad in the spring months, especially if you are dealing with residual dryness from a winter of sitting near the heater.

If you’re looking for some relief from your dry skin, you might want to try CBD oil or lotion. Here are some of the best brands to look out for and their benefits.

+CBD Oil Balm


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Dealing with really dry, itchy, or flaking skin? The hemp oil in this extra strength balm contains fatty acids and Vitamin E that are extra moisturizing. If you’ve never used a topical balm before, you can apply it to any dry area that could use a little moisture. Just start sparingly in case you find the formula is too strong or irritates your skin.

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Lotion


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If you’re all about the high-end or luxury beauty products, you’ll love Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion. It is both calming and uber rich (read: the thick type of lotion you dream about) for healing dry skin quickly. Note: This has a high price tag compared to some other CBD lotions—but it a luxury brand after all, and the beautiful bottle is one you’ll proudly want to display in your bathroom.

Life Elements CBD Sugar Scrub


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You can apply all the lotion you want. But if you have dry skin, having your skin turnover and shed the dry layers with a scrub is a better way to find some relief. This soothing CBD and honey scrub is designed to gently exfoliate dry skin cells so your skin will feel extra moisturized, plus you might even notice more of a glow as we eventually head into shorts weather.

Citizen CBD Skin Silk


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Combining CBD oil with other essential oils means extra hydrating and calming benefits for your skin. That’s the idea behind this silky formula, anyway. In addition to CBD, it contains ylang-ylang, clary sage, jasmine, and bergamot oils and features a whipped texture you will want to slather on after taking a shower. (Which can be dehydrating, too, so try not to use water that’s too hot.) This skin silk lotion may be effective for eczema and acne, too, but chat with your doctor first to see if it will work with your other medications.


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