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4 Easy Ways To Grind Your Marijuana Without A Grinder

We’ve all been there. You’ve bought your rolling paper and your favorite strain of marijuana, but you’ve lost your grinder and can’t find anything that’ll cut your cannabis without making a mess of everything. You start to pick apart the bud with your fingers and it’s messy, your hands are sticky, green and smelly, and the end result is much more disappointing than you expected.

While a grinder is always the best way to go, here are 4 simple ways to grind your weed with common items that should be laying around your house:

Pill Bottle And A Penny

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Grab a penny and clean it thoroughly. Then put your marijuana inside a pill bottle (try to separate some pieces of the bud beforehand) and put the penny in. Cover the lid and shake it for a couple of minutes. The penny will grind it up very neatly, and you won’t have to clean up after yourself; the pill bottle will hold all the little bits of cannabis in the same spot

Knife And Cutting Board

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This method works really well if you’re good with a knife, and it’ll have your marijuana ready very quickly. The cutting board will also allow for you to move your cannabis easily to wherever you’re planning on packing it. Be sure to clean your cutting board and knife thoroughly afterwards.

Coffee Grinder

While it’ll be super hard to clean afterwards, this method grinds your cannabis very finely and evenly, making it the perfect companion for cooking and making edibles.

Scissors And A Shot Glass

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Scissors are perfect for cutting but without the shot glass, pieces of marijuana will jump everywhere and will be hard to retrieve. By placing the marijuana on the shot glass and cutting it carefully, you’ll be able to retrieve it with more ease. It‘s one of the slower methods on this list, but these two items are the easiest to find in any house.


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