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10 Perfect Microdose CBD Products You Can Use Everyday

Microdosing allows them to gain the medicinal benefit from the product, yet still perform all of the duties of the day without becoming lethargic.

Microdosing is one of the latest trends on the cannabis scene. It seems that people are finding out that it is not necessary to get ripped to the gourd in order to experience the therapeutic effects of the cannabis plant. Many now swear that less is more.

Essentially, microdosing is just as it sounds – consuming smaller doses, as to not be bogged down by the intensity of the herb’s psychoactive compound THC. But in the search for effective medicine that allows them more functionality, some patients are now microdosing cannabidiol (CBD), the part of the cannabis plant devoid of stoned effects.

Although it seems pointless to microdose a substance that doesn’t come with a head change, we are now learning that CBD in low doses has the potential to produce an uplifting mood while higher doses can sometimes make the user tired. So for those people still a slave to the grind, the microdose philosophy can be key. It allows them to gain the medicinal benefit from the product, yet still perform all of the duties of the day without becoming lethargic.

But finding that sweet spot in CBD dosage can be tricky. Experts say it is just one of those situations where personal experimentation is needed. They also recommend starting out at around 2.5 milligrams over the course of a few days and gradually increasing until reaching the most comfortable effect. When it comes to microdosing, if the user is experiencing noticeable effects they have gone too far. That’s when it is time to back off the dose.

Sometimes tracking down the right CBD product can be more challenging than finding the perfect dose. So here is a list of 10 of the most popular CBD products that the cannabis industry has to offer.

Wildflower CBD Vaporizer

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Get off the Nyquil. Wildflower has a variety of CBD products, but this one has the ability to “relieve symptoms of flu such as cold, cough and cold,” the website reads. Good for when a little more than a microdose is needed.

Infinite CBD’s Vaporizer

Now you can microdose one hit at a time. This is for user who prefers vaporizers over edible products. “The addition of cannabis-derived terpenes to CBD allows you to utilize more components of the cannabis plant throughout consumption,” the website reads.

Pure Kana Premium CBD Drops

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One drop will do you. This CBD product has shown beneficial in the treatment of conditions from anxiety to joint pain. In higher doses, however, it might act as a sedative.

CW Charlotte’s Web

This is the stain that made CBD famous. Developed by the Staley Brothers, this hemp-oil based version of Charlotte’s Web is a solid supplement for microdosing on the daily.

Aura CBD

Great for finding that sweet spot. Aura’s CBD oil is a hemp seed formula that contains 5 mg CBD in each drop.

Kiva’s Ginger Dark Chocolate

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Chocolate lover? It can be difficult to microdose anything that has to do with chocolate, but for those with a little will power Kiva is a solid pick. Each serving comes with 5 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC. We recommend starting out by cutting each serving in half.

Green Roads World Tea

It’s always tea time. For those who would prefer to sip on their medicine, Green Roads has a variety of tea and coffee. These “drinks have the ability to improve the digestion process, increase energy in body, and lower blood pressure. Additionally, the organic drinks have been linked to blood sugar control, weight loss & lowering of cholesterol,” the website reads.

Kin Slips

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Just slip it under the tongue. These sublingual strips are great for delivering precise dosage with almost immediate result. Kin Slips Park Life blend comes with 10mg CBD and 1mg THC.

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Oil

There’s just something about Mary. This hemp-oil extract is a highly concentrated blend. Each drop contains 2mg of CBD – a great start for the patient uncertain about where to begin with microdosing.

High CBD Strains

Best method. Visiting a dispensary in a legal state and taking advantage of high CBD strains is probably the most effective way to get the therapeutic benefits from CBD. However, microdosing these products will take some experimentation. But the results will be unmatched.


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