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Jessica Biel Fell Asleep On Her Date Night With Justin Timberlake; Trump Thinks He Looks Too Orange On Television

Jessica Biel Fell Asleep on Her Date Night With Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s birthday is today (January 31), and to celebrate he and Jessica Biel went out last night in New York City. Things got off to quite the hilarious start, though. In perhaps the most relatable move ever, Biel fell asleep in the car before their date even began.

The “Mirrors” singer filmed the entire situation and posted it to Instagram. “Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me,” he sings to himself quietly before panning to Biel, who couldn’t be bothered with anything besides her REM cycle. Wow. Me. Same.

Timberlake starts singing a little bit louder, and that’s what eventually wakes Biel up. “I’m just preparing for our big night out,” she says, laughing. “I’m just preparing!” Timberlake then chuckles to himself and gives some side eye. But the real shade should go to him for rustling Biel from her shut-eye. She looked so comfy.

Trump Thinks He Looks Too Orange On Television

The New York Times reports:

The official line from the White House, as with other matters surrounding the president’s physical health and appearance, is that Mr. Trump’s glow is the result of “good genes,” according to a senior administration official who would speak only on the condition of anonymity.

Certainly Mr. Trump, who has long taken antibiotics to treat rosacea, a condition that can make the skin appear rosy and ruddy, is attentive to how he looks on television. He has complained that his skin and hair appear too yellow or orange on the screen, according to one person familiar with his views.

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As a result, events in the White House are now more dimly lit than in previous administrations. The president has also become a fan of natural light, like the setting of the White House Rose Garden, where Mr. Trump chose to announce the end of the government shutdown in 40-degree weather.

Matt LeBlanc says he only had $11 in his bank account before landing ‘Friends’

The 51-year-old sitcom star appeared on Thursday’s “Conan,” where he talked about how he almost didn’t make it in show business.

“I had, I think, I was down to $11,” he said of his pre-“Friends” bank account. “That’s holding out too long. Because even if I said at that point, ‘Alright, I’m going to go get a waiter job.’ By the time that $11 ran out, it would have been before the first paycheck on that job. I would have starved.”

“He said, ‘Before we take this, you might want to go get that tooth filed.’ I go, ‘What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘One tooth is a little longer than the other one. You should go get that filed,’” LeBlanc noted, saying he then went to a dentist when he didn’t have insurance.

The dentist told him it would cost $80 to file the tooth, so he refused.

“I go to the drug store and buy a three pack of emery boards. I’m very frugal,” he recalled. As for the photographer, “He goes, ‘They did a nice job!’”


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