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4 Reasons Why Marijuana And Frisbees Are Perfect Together

One of my fondest memories of playing tourist in New York was the day I enjoyed some cannabis and took a stroll through Central Park on a perfect spring afternoon. Right when the herb took peak effect, I was asked to play in a pick-up game of ultimate Frisbee with a bunch of strangers. I’ll never forget that day.

Frisbee — whether it’s Ultimate Frisbee or Frisbee Golf or just tossing the disc around with your friends — and marijuana seem to go together. Of course, not every cannabis enthusiast owns a Frisbee and not every disc lover smokes marijuana. Although this Iowa law enforcement officer in this video may think differently.

Here are five ways cannabis enthusiasts can find enjoyment (or utility) from the ubiquitous plastic disc:

Frisbee Golf

This sport — and it most certainly is a sport if you consider standard golf a sport — has been around for decades. But more and more communities are dedicating open spaces to create disc golf courses.

When I play traditional golf (you know, with clubs and small, dimpled white orbs), there often is a beverage cart on the course selling 16-ounce cold beers. And I often smell the scent of cigars. Frisbee golfers, on the other hand, are more likely to forgo the booze and stogies and enjoy their marijuana.

Ulitmate Frisbee

While Frisbee golf is more of a walking-talking experience, Ultimate Frisbee is the opposite. Ultimate Frisbee, which now is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and may become an official Olympic event in 2024, is a non-contact sport that combines athletic soccer with football. It is a non-stop activity that really gets your heart pumping and requires better-than-average stamina.

A few months ago, competitive Ultimate Frisbee player Bill Nye (The Science Guy) was interviewed and mentioned that some of his teammates played under the influence of the herb. He said he preferred that his teammates refrained from the reefer. He’s not an opponent of legalized marijuana, but he said “those guys, they sucked when they were high.”

Nye may have a point. And yet he could be wrong. Many colleges have Ultimate teams. If you scan the rankings of best teams, you will find universities that also score high in the cannabis-friendly rankings: University of Wisconsin, UC Santa Barbara, Skidmore, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, the list goes on and on.

Tossing The Disc Around

There is something just so right about a perfect spring or summer day at a park or beach and tossing the Frisbee around. Whether it’s two people or 1o, it is an activity that is more fun after consuming a little cannabis.

You don’t have to be athletic or coordinated, you just have to be upright. From San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park to New York’s Central Park, from Cape Cod to Malibu and nearly every park and beach in between, you will find a few happy people tossing the plastic disc around. And chances are, a good percentage of them are enjoying it while under the influence of a little herb.

Perfect Tool For Rolling A Joint

Humans have been tossing disc-shaped objects since the cavemen. It’s not something new. The modern-day discs, legend has it, were inspired by cake tins from a Southern California bakery back in the 1930s. By 1957, Wham-O began mass producing and marketing the plastic toy.

Within a few years, marijuana consumers found a new use for the Frisbee. The unique concave edge was a perfect design to assist in rolling joints. The Frisbee can be placed on your lap or table and will keep the bud in one place while you roll.



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