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5 Tricks That Can Help You Control Marijuana Induced Sleepiness

Marijuana can make you really tired if you’re not careful. Here are a 5 tricks that can help you counteract the sleepy effect.

Marijuana is a great medicine for all types of insomniacs, causing your body to loosen up and relax. The effects of the plant vary and are more intense depending on several factors, like the strain, the user’s metabolism and body type. It also matters what time of day it was consumed. And your mood.

Seasoned marijuana users know their bodies well enough to have their favorite strains, which produce reliable effects that they can control. Less experienced users can struggle with smoking marijuana and remaining alert, even if they’re surrounded by people or are consuming in the middle of the day.

Here are a 5 tricks that can help you counteract the sleepy marijuana effect.


study shows how marijuana can motivate you to exercise
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Working out is one of the world’s best natural energy boosters, helping you sleep more soundly and decreasing your fatigue. The more regular you are with your workouts, the better your body will function. Many cannabis smokers report that exercising while high helps them work out for longer periods of time, increasing their focus and allowing them to have more fun.

Smoke smaller doses

If the cannabis you’re consuming is making you too sleepy, try consuming it in smaller doses, steering clear of couch-lock. Ingesting smaller doses of cannabis will also limit paranoia, anxiety, and the munchies.


While indicas are relaxing and tend to make you sleepy, sativas are known to produce uplifting effects that pair great with other types of activities. Sativa strains tend to create more cerebral highs that make it a good option for daytime smoking, working out or doing something creative.

Take a shower

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If you’re at home or at a friend’s house and you start feeling that powerful marijuana induced stupor, hop in the shower. This will help you relax and wake up, causing you feel refreshed and ready to do something fun.


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Coffee or green tea are always great options for when you need a quick burst of energy. Some studies suggest that caffeine can enhance the effects of THC and produce a more pleasurable and effective high. You should start slow when mixing these two elements, considering that one is a depressant and the other a stimulant.


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