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5 Alternative Ways To Fight Acne

Acne affects some people more than others, but it’s an experience that’s always painful and hard to deal with.

Acne is one of those things that can drive most people crazy. Even if we know we’re not supposed to touch our pimples, it’s really hard to resist when they’re just so painful and ugly.

Despite the thousands of products that exist, acne is a highly temperamental condition, most likely affecting us because we’re stressed, eating the wrong things or because we’re just having a stroke of bad luck. The science is not exact.

Here are 5 alternative methods of treating acne:

Learn your skin type

Before you go to your nearest drug store and buy the first acne kit you see, it’s important to know which skin type you have. Having this knowledge will help you choose better products for you and treat your break outs more efficiently. According to Dermstore, there are seven skin types: normal, oily, dry/dehydrated, combination, acne-prone, sensitive and mature. You can learn more about treating each here.

Go on a brief detox

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite via Pexels

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It’s not news to learn that too many sweets can cause your skin to break out, especially if your face already has a tendency to do so. If your skin is feeling patchy and uncomfortable and you’re finding more zits than usual on you, go on a brief detox and document your progress. Steer clear of sugars, white breads, pasta, and other processed foods. Basically, steer clear from all the fun stuff for a couple of weeks and you’ll find results.

Find a way to manage stress

While it’s very easy and not at all helpful to say “stop stressing out” when someone’s going through a stressful moment in their lives, stress is highly correlated to break outs and acne rashes. This isn’t only because life sucks, there’s some science behind this. Cosmopolitan explains that stress ramps up your body’s production of hormones, causing you to release compounds that can make your skin look and feel oily and inflamed.

Find a way to channel that stress be that through physical activity, meditation, yoga or whatever activity works best.

Don’t overuse products

5 New Ways To Fight Acne
Photo by Humphrey Muleba via Unsplash

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It’s common to want to attack your pimples as soon as you see them, but, even if it’s the hardest thing to do, what’s most advisable is to let your skin breathe, at least for a bit. While acne treatments are meant to get rid of that extra skin as soon as possible, they tend to be harsh and irritating. Once the skin is irritated, it becomes a painful mess, one that still has all those pimples and is having trouble mending the skin back together.


If nothing else works, why not try out CBD? While there’s not a lot of research out there, the studies that have been conducted have found positive results when it comes to CBD and skin care, with the compound being able to control the amount of oil your skin produces and also having antimicrobial effects.


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