Saturday, September 18, 2021
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If You Like Skunky Beer, You’ll Love SuperCritical

If, like me, you are the type of person who enjoys to unwind with a cold beer and a few hits of marijuana, you will be drooling over a new ale from Lagunitas Brewing Company. The cannabis-friendly California brewery announced this week that it is releasing SuperCritical, a full-bodied ale made with hops from Washington state’s Yakima Valley and terpenes from California’s Sonoma Valley.

You read that right. Lagunitas, the brewery that sponsors the 420 Games and whose founder, Tony Magee, unabashedly says he wakes and bakes every morning, is making a beer that will be skunky by design. The only bad news: It will be available in California only.

How is it made? Here is how Lagunitas explains it:

With the help of our friends at AbsoluteXtracts, we pulled the terpenes from some of NorCal’s Finest Cannabis (sans THC) and brewed it with some of Yakima’s Finest Hops… Together, it’s like giving our brewers a whole new set of colors to paint with!

Take note of the parenthetical sans THC: If you drink too many of these beers in one sitting you will get drunk. But no matter how much you drink you will not get stoned. The THC has been stripped out; the beer contains only terpenes, the molecules that provide taste and smell.

Heineken — famous for its skunky taste — earlier this year bought Lagunitas for an undisclosed sum. It purchased the remaining stake after buying 50 percent of the company two years ago.

If you are in California, you may want to check out where SuperCritical will be sold.


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