Monday, August 15, 2022

5 Non-Smoking (And Healthy) Ways To Consume Marijuana

A lot of people believe that to consume marijuana means to engage with a bong or joint, but there are many ways in which you can get high and squeeze out all the wonders of cannabis.

The people who are involved with the business of marijuana are creative, so in the era where everyone is focused on their fitness and  being healthy, enthusiasts have found ways to consume cannabis while lowering the risks and side effects that are associated with smoking.

Check out this list of healthy and awesome ways in which you can make the most out of your cannabis:

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This drink is synonymous with relaxation, and it’s the perfect companion for when you’re feeling super tired and drained after work. Another bonus: You won’t be smoking anything, so your lungs will be grateful. The downside is that, unlike a simple hit from a bong, drinking some cannabis tea involves preparation. Cannabutter is also a great and simple option, which will dissolve quickly into the tea.


Probably the most famous out of this list, edibles are very popular within the cannabis community, known for inducing fun and sometimes powerful highs. Edibles are also very popular for medical marijuana users, because it’s gentle on their bodies, fast acting and it helps them cope with the symptoms of their disease.

If you want to control your calorie intake, there are health conscious brands like Julie’s Natural Edibles and there’s also marijuana infused granola mixes, which you can add onto your breakfast or have as a snack. Fun day ahead guaranteed.


Vaping is considered a healthier option than smoking because the user can control the heat in which the marijuana is cooked, avoiding a bunch of toxins that arise when a direct flame is involved.

With this option you have the ability to consume cannabis in different forms, through concentrated cannabis wax, cannabis oil or some good old dried herbs. It’s important to know that waxes and oils are much more concentrated and thus have higher THC so lookout for a bad high.


You can blend raw and fresh cannabis leaves onto your vegetable or fruit juices and smoothies to create a healthy and delicious treat that you can consume after a workout or as a snack. Consuming raw cannabis won’t get you high, but you’ll be taking advantage of all the other good stuff that marijuana offers to the human body.


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This method extracts all the good stuff from marijuana through the use of alcohol and whole cannabis plants, leaving a liquid that’s called a tincture, which is ingested orally by placing a few drops of it under your tongue. It’s effects are super fast because of the way it’s consumed and people sometimes use it on teas and beverages. It’s not the most tasty, but there are a few companies who’ve developed honey tinctures which you can sneak into your morning coffee or tea.

A lot of people believe that to consume marijuana means to engage with a bong or joint, but there are many ways in which you can get high and squeeze out all the wonders of cannabis.


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