Tuesday, October 4, 2022

5 Things You Can Do To Celebrate 4/20

Smoking marijuana with friends on 4/20 is a time-honored tradition. But now that we’re social distancing, here’s what you can do instead.

This year’s 4/20 will be different. Most of the country will spend the day indoors, complying with social distancing regulations and avoiding meet-ups with their fellow marijuana loving friends. Like all 4/20s, however, the date will require some preparation ahead of time.

“In the best interest of public health and safety, NORML encourages cannabis consumers not to congregate either outdoors or indoors in groups this 4/20.” says Erik Altieri, executive director of NORML.

Since we’re facing unprecedented times, it’s important for everyone who expects to celebrate 4/20 to purchase the necessary elements ahead of time, whether you’re preparing edibles or sticking to some flower.

When it comes to having a safe 4/20, it’s important to be more careful than usual. Emma Snowdon-Jones, a consultant for CBD brand Black Dahlia, recommends cleaning all marijuana equipment before and after each use, avoiding sharing joints or bongs with the people you’re quarantining with and utilizing delivery services that minimize risk of exposure.

Photo by Tobias Tullius via Unsplash

Remember to plan in advance, that way you’re not scrambling for weed when everyone else is having the same idea. Here are 5 things you can do to celebrate this year’s 4/20:

Do something meaningful

Organizations like Friends in Weed have been developed in order to help and protect workers in Colorado who are keeping the weed industry functioning. For 4/20, they developed 420Help, a weekend event where every dollar raised will be donated to healthcare workers, first responders and other people affected by the pandemic throughout the state of Colorado.

You could also make donations of money, masks, or products that might provide relief, such as Black Dahlia, which will be donating CBD confections to health workers and first responders. Organizations in need of donations during this time include the American Red Cross, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the CDC Foundation.

Learn how to roll the perfect joints

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Something interesting and fun you can try out is learning how to roll joints. While there are hundreds of tutorials out there (and this helpful guide we published), Tony Greenhand just released a series on Quibi called Let’s Roll. The series is made up of super short episodes features crazy joints and celebrities. It will get you super pumped for the art of joint-making.

Take advantage of the offers and buy some products

Different sellers of marijuana and CBD are offering some deals due to April 20th. Verra Health is offering discounts between the dates of April 20 until the 30th, with the code CBD420. Lightshade dispensary is also offering 25% off of all their products throughout the month of April.

Dispensaries in LA and Chicago, cities that have deemed marijuana dispensaries as essential businesses, are providing discounts throughout the month of April. Deals vary depending on the dispensary, like Illinois’ Sunnyside, that’s offering 10% off on offers over 250$. In LA, it’s easier to get marijuana delivered with apps like Eaze, which is providing a 20$ discount for first time costumers when they use the code ‘DO420LA.’

Have a dance party

study claims that there are dance moves that are scientifically sexy
Photo by Brooke Cagle via Unsplash

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If the doom and gloom of the pandemic is bringing you down, you can try dancing it out with different 4/20 themed parties. Many of these are concerts for a cause, like 4/20 for a cause, which will raise money for different associations battling the pandemic in Colorado. Others are simply for the fun of it, like the party hosted by dispensary Lightshade or the 4/20 world record meetup. This latter will be conducted through Zoom. You can get an RSVP here.

Watch some stoner movies

If you decide to spend a chill 4/20, you can always go with a joint and movie. Here’s a list of recommendations.



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