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5 Video Games To Pair With Your Next High

Gamers find that weed helps them feel euphoric, more focused and more willing to stay the course of a marathon gaming session.

Video games continue to roar. The medium, one of the most popular ways of providing entertainment for people of all ages and genders, has been earning more and more respect over the years, with successful titles making their way into movies and TV shows. Since playing video games is so engaging and attention grabbing, adding a joint to the mix doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Marijuana and video games are longtime companions for a reason. Gamers find that weed helps them feel euphoric, more focused and more willing to tune in to a marathon gaming session. Here are a few games you can play if you’re looking to mix it up over the weekend:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

People Are Decompressing By Playing Video Games, Watching Porn And Smoking Weed
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One of the most famous games of the year — and quarantine — has been Animal Crossing. For some reason, people really enjoyed the mental break of going into a remote island, making friends and remodeling the place as they see fit. I wonder why.

Aside from the endless memes that have appeared since the game’s release, Animal Crossing is one of those games that can be played nonstop, without that much brain engagement. It never runs out of activities, whether your avatar has furniture to build, villagers to befriend, fishes to fish or bugs to catch.

NES Games 

new study says video games can make kids smarter
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When subscribing to the Nintendo Switch Online you’ll gain access to dozens of NES and Super NES games, which are simple and have a retro look that’s cool and nostalgia inducing for every person who likes a good throwback. For 20 bucks a year you’ll have access to pivotal games in the gaming industry, like the original versions of Gradius, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Metroid, and more.

Spider Man

Spider Man was one of the biggest hits of the video game industry in 2019, providing a re imagination of a well known story. You play as Peter Parker and luckily you’re not forced to go through yet another origin story; in the game Peter is in his 20’s and faces off against famous enemies like Doc Ock, Wilson Fisk, Electro, and a bunch more. It’s like a very long Spider Man movie where you get to experience like you’re swinging through New York and doing a lot of fun stuff.

The Last of Us Part II

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One of the most successful and beautiful games of the year is also one of the most depressing, so tread carefully. If you’re the kind of stoned person who enjoys movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey while high, you might also be the kind of stoned person who enjoys The Last Of Us Part II. You might miss out on some parts of the story or some great dialogue but you’ll definitely enjoy busting some Infected and traveling through an amazingly dilapidated and realistic looking Seattle.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is a little different than the previous Doom games, a franchise that’s known for just shooting a lot of stuff. While you still get to shoot a bunch of stuff in Doom Eternal – like, a lot of it – there’s also a focus on storytelling, which might turn off some seasoned players but also expand the scope of the game. It’s a good game for those players who want some action but don’t mind a little story.


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