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6 Iconic Places In The US To Visit And Celebrate Marijuana On 4/20

Marijuana’s biggest holiday is fast approaching. While it’s not on any official calendar, 4/20 is recognized as a day for cannabis celebration. With more than half of state legalizing some form of cannabis usage, there’s plenty to celebrate this year.

Here are some suggestions for places to visit on the holiday if you’re in the mood.

Hippie Hill, San Francisco

This iconic Californian destination earned its name from the counter-culture revolution during the 1960s. Hippie Hill still persists as a popular gathering spot for cannabis enthusiasts on 4/20 and with California legalizes recreational marijuana recently, it will probably only be a bigger celebration this year.

Mile 419.99, Stratton, Colorado

Colorado has become a burgeoning destination for cannabis enthusiasts of every variety. So much so that Interstate 70’s 420 mile marker near the Kansas border kept getting stolen. What did the state transportation department do in response? Move the mile marker down one-hundredth of a distance to deter the theft.

Portland’s Pedal Bike Pot Tour

This bike tour through downtown Portland is the perfect activity for the holiday. “Our relaxed eleven-mile journey will introduce you to the art of cannabis in Portland, whether you are a pot newbie or a connoisseur of the herb,” reads the website’s description.


Thanks to its early adoption, the city is the de facto cannabis capital in the country. With services like Loopr, a 420-friendly shuttle system that drives riders to various dispensaries among the city, you can’t go wrong.

Porter Meadow College (UCSC), Santa Cruz

Though it isn’t officially sanctioned by the school, thousands of people show up to the field, lighting up and indulging in edibles.

Statue of Louis Pasteur

This iconic statue located in San Rafael, California is the birthplace of the holiday itself. Students used to meet there at 4:20 p.m., looking for a rumored marijuana patch nearby. 420 became the group’s code word for marijuana and the rest is history.

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