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6 Ways To Tell If You’re A Dedicated Marijuana User

Weekend warrior? Diehard smoker? Casual user? If you are confused about your dedication to the cannabis culture, here are six ways to help sort that out.

There was once a time when being a marijuana user was like being a member of a secret society. Not everyone was doing it, but there were a few telltale signs that showed when someone was in. If a dude drove a jacked-up Monte Carlo tricked out with interior lighting and a dreamcatcher dangling from his rearview mirror, chances were good that he was part of the scene. This is especially true if you heard Steve Miller blasting from the speakers as he passed by. Or if a girl made a well-placed roach clip or two part of her fashion accessories, she was probably among the heads. This goes double if you happened to catch her sniffing them during study hall.

These days, however, the secret is out. It seems that everyone we meet is in the cannabis club in some form or fashion. Yet, we are still of the opinion that there are weekend warrior types, those who dedicate themselves to the herb only when it is convenient, and the diehards, people who would risk life and limb for this plant if it came down to it. So which side are you on? If you are confused about your dedication to the cannabis culture, here are six ways to help sort that out.

You Wake and Bake

If the first thing you do when the dastardly alarm goes off in the morning is grab your trusted smoking device for a wake and bake ritual, you are most likely a faithful marijuana user. Anyone who needs to be high before they brush their teeth has smoked enough weed in their time to know that getting out of bed without a nice head change just isn’t worth it.  

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You Are A Daily Smoker

The easiest way to determine whether someone is a devoted marijuana user or just a part-time toker is to look at how much dope they are smoking. Someone who only chiefs the reefer on special occasions is far different than those who believe that just having weed is the occasion. A person who is genuinely dedicated to the doobie typically uses marijuana every day, even if it is just to unwind once the deeds of the day are done.

You Always Have Weed In The House

We’ve all met that person who smokes marijuana but never has any. But a committed marijuana user never lets his or her weed supply become scarce. These people typically buy more than just a dime bag at a time, and you had better believe they are making contact with their dealer long before their stash starts to looks skimpy. In legal states, these people are regulars down at their local pot dispensary. They might even be on a first name basis with the budtenders.  

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You Name Your Smoking Devices

You might remember when you purchased your first bong, bowl or vape pen. Just the simple act of taking ownership of a piece of marijuana paraphernalia is one of the first steps to pledging allegiance to the leaf. But a person isn’t considered a dedicated marijuana user until after they have given their smoking device a name. That’s when you know weed has become an extension of their very being, a part of the family, the only religion they will ever need. 

You Can Be High In Public With Ease

Everyone is a marijuana user until one actually walks into the room. We’ve all been high and attempted to go out for a night on the town. But once we arrive, we spill drinks, laugh incessantly at everything that happens around us, and we just have a difficult time overall holding it together. A real marijuana user doesn’t experience this clown shoe reaction to weed anymore. Nope, he or she can get stoned and virtually navigate even the most challenging social situations as good (if not better) than most people can when they are sober.

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You Are A Nerd About All Things Marijuana

Some folks would like to believe they are a true marijuana aficionado simply because they’ve been to a legal pot dispensary and maybe tried a handful of different products. However, a dedicated marijuana user is also a nerd about all things weed. Not only do they know the complete history of marijuana and the origins of prohibition – most people do not — but they can also talk for hours about setting up personal grow spaces, genetics, and they might even drool when looking at weed porn. So, if you ever see a copy of High Times magazine in somebody’s bathroom, you can bet they are a loyal marijuana user. Don’t worry if the pages are sticky. They probably just used it to roll a blunt at some point or another.


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