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7 Cannabis Products That Can Cure Your Insomnia

When it’s time for bed, sometimes our bodies just don’t agree. Whether you have regular insomnia or simply like the feeling of being gently rocked to sleep by cannabis, these seven products are sure to have you in dreamland in no time.

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Kiva Bars by Kiva Confections are the perfectly dosed, perfectly delicious chocolate bars for before bed. If you’re an experienced pro, go for the gold and eat an entire one about an hour before bedtime. That way you can appreciate a little of the altered state before heading off to bed. The nice thing is, though, that they come in squares and just a couple of the 5mg chocolate goodies are the perfect fix for insomnia.

Taking a bath is already relaxing, but imagine an organic, lavender infused epsom salt bath with a healthy dose of activated THC and all medicinal grade ingredients. That’s what you’ll find in a tub of Whoopi and Maya’s Soak, available in California and Colorado. This fragrant bath will fill your senses with ultimate goodness and is guaranteed to relax you.

Vape pens are a great way to go, as you can easily monitor your dosage and pick a nice indica strain to really get you in that dreamy mood. Gold Drop vapes are the gold standard and come in a variety of strains. Just remember that indicas and some hybrids are much better for catching some Z’s than a sativa.

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Cannabliss Care’s “Mellow Out is just as it sounds, a very mellow experience. Great for anxiety as well as insomnia, the tincture is easy to measure out and is infused with other great sleepy-time concentrates.

CBD oil is another fantastic option, especially for those who don’t want to feel elevated before bed. Green Roads is known worldwide for their CBD offerings. CBD won’t knock you out, but it will provide the relaxation necessary to calm your mind and body and hopefully drift off.

Consistent in almost every way, from dosage to flavor, Cheeba Chews have long been a favorite edible. They’ve been around since 2009 and are easy to get the dosage right with and even easier to get down as they’re absolutely delicious.

Last, but certainly not least, Hippy Chick’s CBD Fudge is the perfect sweet treat before bed. These creamy confections are as relaxing as they are delicious. And as an added bonus, Hippy Chick ships right to your door. So if in the mood to really relax or even catch that fleeting sleep, pick some up. You’ll thank us later.


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