Friday, February 3, 2023

8 High-Dose Cannabis Edibles That Can Help

While microdosing gains popularity and cautionary tales circulate about overdoing it on edibles, sometimes a higher dosage is simply called for. And not just for girls night in for an awesome high. Bigger doses of cannabinoids can be a very medicinal experience, especially for those who suffer from any sort of wasting syndrome, the side effects of cancer treatment or intense pain.

Often a high dose of THC and CBD can be just the thing to have a patient eating again and maybe even smiling or laughing. While you should still exercise caution, working up to the higher dosages is a smart idea, if you do happen to get “too high” just remember that you signed up for the experience and that it’s working wonders in your bodily systems.

These eight edibles are serious medicine and are recommended for those who need every little bit of relief they can get and who have a high tolerance already.

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Punch Edibles out of California have been packing a punch since 2013. They were aiming to produce an edible that was compact, yet potent and they succeeded. With up to 225 mg of cannabinoids per square of chocolate, get ready to be medicated.

Born in 2009, Cheeba Chews are a classic that have won many awards for their small size, great flavor and 175 mg per little rectangle. Best of all, they’re available in California, Nevada and Colorado, thus available to more patients. If you’re looking for a seriously high dose, have two or three, just start with the one and give it some time.

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Recommended only for those in extreme pain and with high tolerances, Korova Edibles’ Black Bar is infused with 1,000 mg of THC. It also has double the chocolate and quite a bit of saturated fat (which helps carry the THC to your system), so expect to be satisfied.

From the likes of Hashman Infused comes the 420 Cherry Bomb. Packed with 420 mg of cannabinoids from hybrid cannabis this Belgium/artisan chocolate infused treat is peppered with cherry pop rocks just for the fun of it.

Though VCC Brands also carries a 1000 mg Cookies and Cream 4.20 Brownie, the 500mg Peanut Butter S’Mores 4.20 Brownie sounded too good not to mention. Both of these edibles are highly potent so enjoy responsibly and alleviate that pain!

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Bhang’s “The Bite” is similar to Punch and Cheeba Chews in that you get a lot of THC and CBD in a little package of delicious chewy chocolate truffle. With 180 mg per bite, a couple few of these should have you feeling fine.

Delta 9 Edibles have an array of options for getting your higher dosage in. There are capsules for those who want to save on calories or just can’t keep any food down.
The ten capsules in a bottle carry 300 mg of THC. Also try their potent chocolate triangles.

Just the thing to start your day, LOL Edibles makes one of my personal faves: Fruity Crispy bars with 300mg of THC. Have this with a glass of milk or your favorite milk substitute and give yourself a medicinal morning.



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