Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Andrew Yang Wants To Sell You Marijuana-Themed Campaign Merch

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is combining his passion for mathematics and marijuana reform to provide supporters some sweet campaign merchandise.

According to a Monmouth University poll released this morning, tech executive Andrew Yang is polling at 3% among Democratic presidential candidates. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden remain locked in a three-way tie at the top, each commanding around 20% of polled voters. But that hasn’t stopped Yang from trying rather “creative” attempts to boost his numbers.

Over the weekend, Yang debuted exclusive marijuana merchandise on his campaign website, like he was a rapper who just dropped his debut studio album.  All the merchandise is of the limited-edition variety, and combine Yang’s passion for mathematics and marijuana reform. “Math. Money. Marijuana,” reads a $30 unisex T-Shirt, which includes Yang’s campaign logo underneath.

As Forbes first reported, some of this merch has already sold out. A green dad cap that reads “MATH” on the front and bears a cannabis leaf on its back is no longer available. But you can still buy a campaign bumper sticker that simply reads, “Legalize Marijuana.”

Last week on the campaign trail, Yang made waves for promising a “mass pardon” for all non-violent marijuana offenders still serving time. Throughout his campaign, Yang has aligned himself with substantial cannabis reform, and the impetus to resolve the conflict between state and federal laws, which regulate and regard marijuana differently.

“We need to resolve the ambiguity and legalize marijuana at the federal level,” reads Yang’s campaign website. “This would improve safety, social equity, and generate tens of billions of dollars in new revenue based on legal cannabis businesses.”

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Last Friday, Yang also sent out an email to his supporters, reiterating his position to mass pardon low-level, non-violent marijuana crime offenders.

“On my first day as President, I will pardon every person imprisoned for a low-level, non-violent marijuana offense and I would high five them on their way out of jail,” reads the email.


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