Thursday, November 30, 2023

Baller: 6 Of Our Favorite Joints and Blunts on Instagram

Instagram is one of, if not the only, tolerable social media platform. There’s no constant bombardment of news and bad jokes like on Twitter, no obnoxious political arguments and baby pics like on Facebook, and no weird emojis that only teens understand like on Snapchat. So it makes sense that people would feel comfortable posting photos of themselves smoking variously sized joints and blunts. Below you’ll find our favorites:


A cross-jont is famously difficult to make (for us, at least), which is why spotting one in the wild (on Instagram) is notable. Behold below a flawless cross-joint made by a gentleman named Sir Stoned. Well done, Sir Stoned.

Big-Ass Joint In Front Of A Big-Ass Pizza

Nothing goes together like weed and pizza, so this photo is a no brainer to include. It is, as the title above implies, a picture of an absolutely gigantic joint in front of a huge cheese pizza. We’re writing this near lunch time, so we’re extremely jealous of whoever took this photo.

Donut Blunt

While we doubt the blunt below is actually functional, we admire its craftsmanship. Also, once this guy does smoke, he’ll have the perfect munchies cure right there.

Tattooed Model Rolling A Joint

Few things could improve the natural beauty of a well-rolled joint, but having a beautiful model pose with one certainly works.

Cake Joint

The downside, if there is one, to most joints is their plain white color. So why not give them so color? Below view a photo of a joint decorated to look like a cake.

Mural of Drake Rapping Into A Mic Made Of Weed

An important piece of art for the turbulent times we live in.

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