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Best Dry Herb Vapes For Beginners

Though many young smokers have retired their dry herb vapes in favor of oil carts, there’s something about vaping flower that simply can’t be replicated. For those who aren’t familiar, dry herb vapes guarantee a cleaner and safer smoking experience via either conduction or convection heating. There’s much debate over which of the two types is better, but the truth is that each type has its own unique benefits.

Convection vaporizers heat the material by passing heated air through the chamber and generally require less herb. They offer advanced temperature settings and better tasting hits, but tend to be more expensive and a bit harder to use. Conduction vaporizers heat your material via direct contact with the heat source. They offer simplicity, affordability, and fast heating, but tend to require more herb and provide harsher hits. Regardless of which type you choose, these are great options for beginners looking to break into the vape game.

Atmos Jump


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Type: Convection
Price: $65

The Atmos Jump is one of the most affordable dry herb vapes out there and with only one button to operate it, it’s extremely simple to use for those who want to try out vaping for the first time.

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Vapium Lite

Type: Conduction
Price: $79

The Vapium Lite is another great option in terms of ease of use and affordability. The buttons are all clearly identified and not difficult to operate. The compact device also has an impressive battery life of 12 sessions before needed a charge.

G Pen Elite

Type: Convection
Price: $120

The G Pen Elite is great for taking on the go because it has a massive chamber for your herb and offers three temperature settings so you can experiment low temp vaping to explore the flavor profiles of your flower.

Pax 3


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Type: Conduction
Price: $200 – $250

The Pax 3 is one of the most well-known dry herb vapes for good reason. It’s known for its sleek minimalist design and clean hits, plus the 3 is Bluetooth compatible and comes with a concentrate oven in addition to a dry herb oven.

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Davinci IQ

Type: Conduction
Price: $275

The Davinci IQ is a little more high-tech than most of the vapes on this list, but it’s one of the most popular on the market. The super smart device offers three different modes to provide a tailored vaping experience in addition to four different temperature settings.

Magic Flight Launch Box


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Type: Conduction
Price: $119

The Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the most uniquely designed dry herb vapes available and it’s also perfect for beginners. You can place your flower (even the tiniest amount) in the box and inhale directly from the side, or through a glass mouthpiece.

Da Buddha

Type: Convection
Price: $190

7th Floor Vapes’ Da Buddha is one of the most affordable and effective tabletop vapes available. It features a ceramic heating element and glass-on-glass components designed for pure-tasting hits.


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