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Your Favorite ‘Game Of Thrones’ Couple Says A Lot About Your Dating Habits

In light of “Game of Thrones'” final season, OKCupid has added a GoT badge feature which allows fans of the show to wear them proudly in order to show off their obsession and potentially scare off potential mates. OKCupid conducted different surveys that say that users’ opinions of the show are telling of their online dating history and preferences.

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Mashable reports that in order to gather this information OKCupid asked users questions related to Game of Thrones. They found that the show makes an appearance on over 2 million user profiles, and that over 300,000 people engaged with GoT questions on the sites’ mandatory surveys. This information was then cross referenced with users profiles in order to find some pretty interesting connections.

Among the results, people who shipped Jon and Ygritte tended to be men while people who rooted for Daenarys and Khal Drogo tended to be women. For some reason, the option to choose the main couple of the show, Jon and Daenarys, wasn’t available. Maybe OKCupid wanted to keep things simple and didn’t want to factor in incest.

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Daenerys and Drogo shippers were more likely to have one night stands and to split payments evenly. How does OKCupid even know this? We don’t know. These people were also more likely to believe in astrology and they were less combative than believers of Jon and Ygritte. People who shipped Tormund and Brienne were more likely to challenge gender roles, which makes a lot of sense. The poll also got involved with some politics, claiming that Pro-Trump users tended to root for the Lannisters while those who wanted Daenarys and Jon to win tended to be Anti-Trump.

No matter your Game of Thrones‘ preferences, all true fans of the show know that the program isn’t the most romantic. Also that alarm bells should ring whenever weddings are mentioned.

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