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These 10 Celebs Shamelessly Love Weed More Than You

Who says celebs aren’t just like us? As cannabis gradually becomes recreationally legal and socially acceptable, more celebrities have openly professed their love for the plant. Here are ten celebs who shamelessly indulge in a little smoke sesh from time to time (or all the time).



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If you check out RiRi’s Instagram page loaded with blunt-smoking selfies, you can see the singer is no stranger to ganja. She’s even been spotted rolling a blunt on her bodyguard’s head at Coachella.

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson is “flagrant” about his weed use, as he stated in a live stand-up in Boston on NYE. The Saturday Night Live star is very vocal about his use of weed to manage symptoms of Crohn’s disease and borderline personality disorder.

Miley Cyrus


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In the past, Miley has said “I think weed in the best drug on Earth.” She brazenly smoked a joint onstage at MTV’s European Music Awards and even sold 24k gold rolling papers as merch for her Bangerz tour. Despite a hiatus from toking back in 2017, Miley is apparently smoking again thanks to her mom.

Kevin Smith

Since being turned on to smoking weed by Seth Rogen, Kevin Smith has developed a weed-themed sitcom and a cannabis line inspired by the characters Jay and Silent Bob in Clerks. He’s even said that his doctor credits the joint he smoked shortly before for he suffered a massive heart attack for keeping him calm and ultimately saving his life.

Lady Gaga

During a 2012 live performance in Amsterdam, Lady Gaga smoked a joint onstage after it was thrown to her from the crowd and she stated that she loved “wondrous marijuana,” because it helped her cut down on drinking. Apparently she also smoked a ton of joints in front of Beyoncé and nearly gave her, “like, a panic attack.”

Sir Patrick Stewart

The iconic actor Sir Patrick Stewart recently revealed that he uses marijuana daily to treat the symptoms of his arthritis. The actor also serves on the Advisory Board of the U.K.-based Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies company, established in 2017 to develop cannabinoid-based medicines, in which Snoop Dogg invested $10 million this past summer.

Seth Rogen


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In an interview with Vulture, Seth Rogen said smoking weed makes him “willing to work” and staves off the drudgery of his work days. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Rogen said he smoked a joint in director Steven Spielberg’s face during their conversation because he had just lit it and didn’t want to put it out. He says this incident is why Spielberg won’t work with him.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman has always been open about her love for marijuana. At the 2014 Emmy Awards, Silverman openly displayed the weed pen she was carrying bag after E!’s “Clutch Cam” host Giuliana Rancic took her bag out of her hands and started going through it. She grabbed it before Rancic could find it and said, “This is my pot. It’s, um, liquid pot.”

Ricky Williams

Former Heisman Trophy winner and Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams abruptly retired from the NFL in 2004, at the start of his fifth season, after he failed his third league-mandated drug test for marijuana. Since then, he’s redefined himself as a sort of cannabis healer and announced the launch of his own cannabis brand last Spring.

Wiz Khalifa


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Wiz might be the most shameless stoner of them all. The rapper and weed connoisseur has his own strain called Khalifa Kush, his own line of papers, and a “dab bar” and “weed wall” in his mansion.


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