Wednesday, July 17, 2024

13 Songs To Add To Your Smoke Sesh Playlist

Every toker has their favorite playlist to jam out to while they light up. Here are some super chill songs you need to add to yours right now (and no, Smoke Two Joints by Sublime didn’t make the list).

Free Mind – Tash Sultana

Pretty much all of Tash Sultana’s psychedelic tunes are great to vibe to, especially this song. Tash is a wildly talented one-person band and plays the guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, trumpet, drums, pan flute, mandolin, saxophone, and percussion in addition to singing like an angel.

Redbone – Childish Gambino

You’ve probably already heard this chart-topping R&B jam but if it’s not on your smoke sesh playlist, it needs to be. It’s off of Childish Gambino’s third album, Awaken My Love! which departs from his usual hip hop style and features him singing as opposed to rapping.

ocean eyes – Billie Eilish

This dreamy pop hit was Billie Eilish’s debut song in 2016, though it was initially written by her brother so she could choreograph a dance to it with no intention of it becoming famous.  Her vocals are soft and melodic – and perfect for when you’re trying to relax and smoke.

waves (Tame Impala Remix) – Miguel

It turns out that the R&B smoothness of Miguel’s voice and the synth-heavy funkiness of Tame Impala’s instrumentals are a match made in heaven. This song is sure to put you in a good mood while you toke up.

Sativa – Jhené Aiko ft. Swae Lee

Though I was avoiding songs that actually talk about weed, this one had to make the cut. The sensual and hazy track is off of Jhené Aiko’s 2017 album, Trip, and it definitely takes you on a trip of your own as you spark one.

Cocoa Butter Kisses – Chance the Rapper

This upbeat song is a classic from Chance the Rapper’s second mixtape, Acid Rap. If you’ve never heard it, I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under, but it needs to be added to your smoke sesh playlist immediately.

Apple Juice – Jessie Reyez

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This soulful ballad was released last Summer prior to the release of Jessie Reyez’s EP Being Human In Public. It tells the story of the uphill battles of learning to love but not in a corny way – in a raw and passionate way that’s sure to put you in your feels.

Alien Boy – Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree isn’t just a living, breathing meme. He’s also a talented singer and rapper with a super unique voice. “Alien Boy” tells the story of a boy who is a little different from everyone else, and it’s ideal for an out of this world smoke sesh.

Trip – Ella Mai

Ella Mai may have seemingly risen to stardom out of nowhere last year, but it’s no surprise considering how infectious her R&B tracks are. Listen to “Trip” next time you blaze up and I promise you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

What’s The Use? – Mac Miller

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The late Mac Miller’s “What’s The Use?” is a shockingly funky tune off of his last album, Swimming. The single is groovy, soulful, and truly personal. It serves as a testament to all of the genres Miller was able to cross, and it’s a dope song to chill out to.

See You Again – Tyler the Creator ft. Kali Uchis

“See You Again” is an otherworldly love song off Tyler the Creator’s album Flower Boy that will also put you in your feels (I guess I like being in my feels). It’ll also put you in a surreal sort of dream state if you listen to it while you blow down.

Morning Glory – Kehlani

This ultra-relatable track is off of Kehlani’s latest mixtape While We Wait, which just dropped a few days ago. She tells men to be prepared for their girl to take her wig, makeup, and nails off at night, and it’s the exact vibe you need on your smoking playlist right now.

Narcissist – No Rome ft. The 1975

Narcissist” is a collaboration between No Rome and The 1975 and it’s the catchiest and most ridiculous song you could hope to smoke weed to. The lyrics are a bit heavy if you actually listen to them, but the song itself is impossibly upbeat and fun.


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