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7 Highly Social Experiences That Are Better With Marijuana

Looking to add a little spice to your next group activity? Whether it’s a backyard BBQ or a concert, try adding some weed.

Enjoying the wonders of marijuana can be an inherently social activity. While there is a time and place for solitude, the group bonding effect of passing around the peace pipe cannot be overstated. Here, we weigh the pros and cons of some top options for fun group experiences with friends that are only aided by a little weed.

The Camping Trip


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Pros: You should certainly be able to find some seclusion away from the rest of humanity should you choose to go the camping trip route. Plus, taking your friends out of their normal daily environment is a good way to cement an experience no one will soon forget, especially with the addition of everyone’s favorite herb. Moreover, who can turn down the experience of sparking up under the stars?
Cons: Beware of wildlife … or anything throughout the night that may sound like wildlife. Additionally, you will have to plan ahead for food and presumably have to have someone skillful enough to pitch a tent or two.

The Cookout

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Photo by Darrin Harris Frisby/Drug Policy Alliance

Pros: There is no doubt that if you invite your crew over for a cook-out, the munchie and entertainment game will be on point. Between the delicious barbeque food, the table snacks, the drinks, the music, and the muted “Planet Earth II” playing in the background on the television, your friends will have the perfect ambiance to pass around some Silver Haze.
Cons: Cook-outs take some attention to stay running, so someone will need to play host for the night and tend to the food and ultimately the cleanup.

The Concert or Festival


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Pros: The experience of seeing one of your favorite artists while sharing some herb with your pals in the middle of a sea of like-minded music lovers is unlike any other. The energy in the venue will enhance your high all the more making this experience unforgettable for years to come. For this time-honored tradition, you don’t typically want to roll with a group of larger than two to three people, though, as it pays to be nimble and not stand out if you’re going to spark up when the music starts.
Cons: Be smart about which concerts you decide to bring your marijuana to — there’s always the possibility of getting it confiscated or even getting booted out yourself. On the flip side, if you manage to get in with everything intact, you may end up sharing with more people than you intend once you whip it out, so discretion is key as well.

The Fishing Trip


Pros: Part-sport, part-relaxation, fishing makes for the perfect mix of activity of sitting around that anyone who has smoked a hefty joint could appreciate. Depending on the preference of your group, you don’t even have to go out on a boat if it doesn’t suit you — grab a couple of beach chairs and hit the local pier to see what you can catch. But don’t fret if you’re a traditionalist, marijuana plays a perfect partner to boating too. Even if one or two in your group get a little seasick, the weed may help with calming any nausea or headaches that arise.
Cons: The reward is sometimes in the journey with fishing, so you and your group have to be ready to simply enjoy sitting around and waiting as you might not catch anything.

The Museum


Pros: Whether you live by the MoMa or the Getty, it’s never a bad call to make an audible and swing by your local museum to get some culture after sharing some culture with friends back at your apartment or house. No one will be disappointed once they delve into the latest exhibits and it can serve as a conversation starter for the next time around. Most of the major museums have enough to offer for multiple visits too.
Cons: Time flies in the caverns of a museum—especially after a joinor two—so you might end up spending a bit more time than you intended inspecting Medieval art or sculpture collections from the 1950s.

The IMAX Movie


Pros: Attending an IMAX movie after indulging in your favorite strain of cannabis is the gold standard by which all other movie-going experiences are compared (at least until virtual reality becomes more prevalent). So long as your group can agree on the right movie, which shouldn’t be much of an issue if you’ve got the right crew of people, this one should be a no-brainer.
Cons: There’s a lot of stimulation and this one can get intense depending on the type of film you decide to see. Choose your strain wisely.

Board Games

board games
Photo by Flickr user John Morgan

Pros: Chances are, you’re already in a good mood because you’re away from the city (we’re imagining you had the good sense to rent a cabin). But even if you just find yourself with a free night on your hands, nothing brings a sense of nostalgia quite like playing games with a group of your friends. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to light up with a bunch of people who won’t judge you when you decide to buy Mediterranean Avenue in Monopoly. Cons: You’re going to kill your buzz if you choose games like Jenga (unless you like rebuilding towers time after time), Twister (unless you enjoy falling down a lot) and Operation (for obvious reasons). Motor skills are not your friend when you’re blazed.


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