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Burning Man Festival Nixes Marijuana During Event

Burning Man is a festival – some say a life-altering experience –  that happens once a year in Nevada. Weird shit goes down here. Rumored orgies, dancing parties, and drugs of all kinds are kind of a package deal here, but apparently, smoking marijuana is too much.

Even though the festival takes place in a desert in Nevada, a state where marijuana is legal, consuming the plant will be banned because of complicated state laws. Turns out, you’re not able to smoke cannabis on public spaces, and the Black Rock Desert Wilderness, the place where Burning Man takes place, is part of the National Wilderness Preservation System. Bummer. It really sucks that you can’t smoke a little weed for a festival that costs around 425 dollars to go to.

While some people may claim that they’ll still smoke marijuana because they’ve done it at other festivals that are located in states where the plant is illegal, this year’s security may prove to be a little more tight than usual. Burning Man representatives have remarked that they’ll be on the lookout for cannabis and other drugs that people may try to sneak in. Local authorities will also be monitoring the area, having arrested more than three dozen people at last year’s Burning Man for drug related offenses, the most common ones being the consumption of marijuana, cocaine, and LSD. 

Welp, now you know. If you’ve already paid for that crazy expensive Burning Man ticket, be sure to consume only what’s allowed in there. It’s a wild and artsy temporary city with a lighter approach towards the rules of society, but it’s still a place that’s carefully monitored by the police and you know, other responsible people.



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