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California’s Medical Marijuana Revenue Is Staggering

California’s legal recreational cannabis program will not begin until 2018, but that certainly doesn’t mean residents of the Golden State aren’t waiting. According to a comprehensive data analysis performed by BDS Analytics, California medical marijuana revenue is staggering. Dispensaries sold $894.85 million worth of cannabis products in the second quarter of 2017 alone. That figure is for medical marijuana. For comparison, in the same time period Colorado’s recreational market accounted for $516.39 million. Oregon sold $163.07 million and Washington sold $302.77 million.

As BDS Analytics notes, sales in California represent about 34 percent of legal sales in the United States. The combined retail sales in Colorado, Washington and Oregon represent 41 percent of U.S. sales. According to BDS estimates, California will spend $2.68 billion for the year … and that’s just medical marijuana.

What Do Californians Like?

Californians spend most of their dollars (55 percent) on flower or bud. Concentrates, the next largest slice of the cannabis pie, captures 25 percent of the market. Edibles, with 12 percent, come in third. Pre-rolled joints grab five percent of the market, and non-THC items like apparel and devices represent much smaller slivers of the marketplace.

California (Blue) Dreamin’

When it comes to the most-purchased marijuana strain, Blue Dream is king in California. The rest of the top 10 includes Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, Gorilla Glue #4 and OG Kush.

Sweet Tooth

Chocolate is the most purchased infused edible product. Gummy candies were the second-most popular. California cannabis consumers spend roughly $40 million on edibles in the second quarter alone.

Vape Pens Are All The Rage

According to the data analysis, concentrates are the fastest-growing segment of the cannabis industry among all states, but in California the passion for concentrates — and particularly one style — stands out. Vape pens account for 61 percent of dollars sold in the state. Dabable forms of concentrates like shatter and wax, which are popular in other states (especially in Colorado), do not come close to vape sales — wax capture 9 percent of the market, and shatter six percent.


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