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Why Joe Rogan Decided To Quit Marijuana For October

A few friendly comedians leveled a challenge at one another—let’s stay sober for all of October. Joe Rogan, Ari Shafer, and Tom Segura joined forces to help their buddy Bert Kreischer lay off the booze. Initially when the parameters were set, that’s all it was—no alcohol for October.

They even had a neat name for the event. #SoberOctoBert, they called it.

But since quitting alcohol isn’t a big deal for Rogan, his fellow teetotalers tried to pressure the comedian into everyone going completely sober—which meant giving up marijuana as well. Joe Rogan is a renowned cannabis activist. He often discusses its health and lifestyle benefits, as well as advocating for the relationship between fitness and marijuana.

At first, Rogan was pretty stubborn at the challenge of quitting weed for the month. On episodes of his renowned podcast, Rogan would vehemently deny laying off the weed, instead proclaiming he’d smoke every day just to prove a point.

It seems Rogan has changed his mind, however. In a recent Instagram post he admitted to joining #SoberOctoBert all the way, quitting alcohol and weed and any other substance.

Read his full explanation below:

“In all seriousness this sober October stuff has been pretty easy and a very beneficial thing to do.”

“I initially was going to keep smoking weed because that wasn’t a part of the original bet @arishaffir @bertkreischer @seguratom and I made, but when October 1st rolled around I changed my mind and decided to take a month off the devil’s cabbage as well (marijuana).

It’s funny how many people ask, “how are you doing with that?” As if I’m fasting for the month or getting off heroin.

It hasn’t been difficult at all, really, and I think I’m gonna make this a regular thing. Maybe I’ll take every other month off or something. At the very least I’m going to smoke less before shows.

It’s been great doing so much yoga too. My whole body feels loose and limber and my back has never felt better.

Also check out some of the fun back-and-forth the guys have been posting on social media.


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