Thursday, June 20, 2024

Canadian Lawmaker Fears ‘Disgusting’ Marijuana T-Shirts Will Denigrate Nation

As Canadians gleefully count the days until cannabis is legal nationwide, one conservative lawmaker is still refusing to give up the fight for prohibition. Marilyn Gladu, a conservative member of parliament from Sarnia-Lambton is urging the Canadian government to ban “disgusting” clothing promoting cannabis.

Gladu, who has been one of the most ardent combatants against marijuana legal reform, says she fears citizens might don shirts or other attire with marijuana leaves on them. This, in her view, will disrespect Canada Day — the nation’s biggest holiday on July 1 — and will be slap in the face to veterans across the country.

Addressing the House of Commons earlier this month, Gladu made a passionate speech warning about the evil attire:

One of the amendments that they did not accept had to do with the banning of promotional things like T-shirts, caps, and flags that would have a cannabis symbol on them. The government did not accept this amendment from the Senate. I am very concerned about that.

There are a lot of Canadians out there who are worried that when marijuana is legalized in Canada they are going to use Canada Day flags that have cannabis on them. Everybody will have a T-shirt with cannabis on it. That will be disgusting. It will absolutely denigrate our country and the people who have served our country and made Canada a proud country. It will deface that. The government has allowed people to continue to have that kind of paraphernalia by refusing the language here. It is total hypocrisy because under Bill S-228, which talks about prohibiting unhealthy advertising to children, we would not want to see pop or something like that on a T-shirt or a flag. However, with cannabis, it is okay. I am totally opposed to that.

Gladu also earned the ire of the Mexican embassy when she implied that many visitors from Mexico are involved in the illegal drug trade. After her anti-immigrant tirade, the Mexican embassy shot back:

“The embassy strongly disagrees and rejects any assertion that singles out or pretends to portray Mexicans as criminals. Comments based on stereotypes are inaccurate and hurt the dignity of the Mexican people and should be avoided.”

Asked if she had any remorse for her statement, Gladu said her comments were made “in the passion of making your speech. I wouldn’t say the Mexicans are more prone to drug crimes than the organized crime we already have in Canada,” she said.

But look out for the T-shirts and hats!


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