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Is This The Future? Cannabis-Focused Co-Working Space In LA

Los Angeles is a city known for trend-setting innovation. One of the newest ideas coming out of the Tinseltown is a new cannabis-friendly co-working space.

Paragon Space — a facility for established companies, cannabis startups and individuals in the marijuana community — is scheduled to open by this summer.

The firm behind the venture is Paragon, a cannabis-centric blockchain technology company. Why a shared office for cannabis?

Here’s how Paragon sees it:

A place for the modern busy bee and like-minded individuals to cross-pollinate great ideas. Welcome to Paragon Space!

We know how hard it is for those in the cannabis industry to rent office or desk space, so we are providing you a helping hand. Even if you aren’t working in the industry, you are still welcome too 🙂

Paragon Space is a unique and bold concept, befitting to the modern crypto world. Paragon Spaces offer co-working desk and office space, as well as a café, conference spaces and an in-house lab.

The cost of membership is based on the amount of space needed, but the company promises that the average rent will be in the range of current similar facilities. According to the company website, space will be accessible to anyone who is part of the Paragon community, but services will only be available to PRG coin holders. PRG is the company’s cryptocurrency offering.

Members of the community will also have access to conference rooms to host their own events and meetings. The lounge and outside area of the building will function as an additional space for meetings, events, and a communal area for members to relax and network. Additionally, there will be a Paragon Café with food and drinks available for purchase in PRG.


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