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Can’t Afford $50 Marijuana Tampons? Here’s How To Make Your Own

Marijuana prohibition remains harshly on the books in many American states and it continues to ruin lives through lack of access as well as enforcement. This is achieved through a myriad of legislative and judicial actions that are carried out against citizens caught burning or eating a plant. In more enlightened locales, companies are rushing to create products catering to a new breed of cannabis consumer: the medical user not looking to get high, many of them women or first time users.

Menstrual pain and cramps are not taken seriously, and are more often joked about than addressed legitimately. Some women experience severe pain during their period while others have no problem at all, and just like many women’s concerns, research isn’t done in great detail. This condition that over 50 percent of the population has once per month, but little is known other than basic hormonal treatments or OTC pain medication, which come with side effects.

Companies like Foria have created a cannabis suppository to address menstrual cramps, the dosage and size look a little concerning. And most importantly: the price is severely prohibitive. Foria claims you cannot get stoned from taking a vaginal suppository, but from personal experience I think that 72mg of THC is enough to get anybody stoned through a membrane like the vag.

A product of this nature can easily be made at home to a much more suitable-for-everyone dosage and price. With just three ingredients, you can make this to your own specifications and share with your friends. Suddenly everybody can have a better time of the month!

To Make This Product You Need To Sail The C’s Of Cannabis Infusion:

Cocoa Butter- ½ cup

Coconut Oil – ¼ cup

Cannabis- 1 gram of concentrate (can be equivalent amount of raw bud, roughly 5 grams)

Clean- Probably the most important thing, since you will be shoving this up your jaybird. Quickly blanch any plant matter with boiling water (it’s not hot enough to cause potency loss), strain, and dry. Skip this step if using wax or hash.

Convert- Heat finely ground material to 225 degrees fahrenheit to convert THC-A, which is inactive, to its psychoactive auntie we all love, THC. This action is precisely what happens when you smoke, the flame and combustion transfers all of the cannabinoids to their most active form which enter through tissues in the mouth, throat, and lungs. For topical use, it needs to be converted for maximum pain relief.

Cover- ALWAYS keep material covered or sealed when heating above boiling. Vapor lost is potency lost.

Careful- ALWAYS stay below 350 degrees anything higher will boil the cannabinoids which are close the the boiling point of most cooking oils.

To Make Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil:

Put ¼ cup coconut oil in a clean mason jar with your starting material.

Seal the Mason jar and placed in a warm water bath for 1 hour.

Cool the Mason jar to room temperature and place in a freezer overnight.

The next day, defrost and place in a water bath once more, just to heat through.

Strain if using raw cannabis. If using a concentrate or hash you won’t have to strain the material.

To Make Marijuana Pain Melts (Not Just For Periods!):

Melt 1/4 cup cocoa butter in the microwave short bursts until fully melted. Add the warmed infused coconut oil and stir well.

Quickly pour into a candy mold or ice cube tray. Alternatively, you can pour it into a tin and use as a topical rub. Allow to cool until set before digging in.

The best way to determine a suitable dose is to start with one small piece at a time. Putting one internally and rubbing one externally on your abdomen works great for a n00b. If you don’t feel any relief within 15 minutes, trying a second chip and so on until you feel better will tell you an ideal dose for your body. The dosage for one single chip is so small that you likely won’t get intoxicated unless you were to eat it. As you can see by the ingredients, you can do so without concern. There has never been anything that has worked faster and hasn’t caused any side effects other than using cannabis to address cramps in my personal opinion.

This makes enough product to last at least four really bad periods, using daily for three days and maybe six mild ones, less time if you’re generous and share with friends, which is always good vibes.

These little melts also make amazing muscle rub for any other body aches and pains. If you are feeling particularly witchy, you can use essential oils to spike your recipe if you won’t be using it internally, like your own weed Tiger Balm!

Cannabinoids have been being used for generations for all types of ailments. In many cultures it’s the first grab for menstrual and muscle aches, before the over the counter drugs that America markets to death.

You would think that men would just want women to have no more cramps so that they would never have to hear about it again, but alas keeping people in jail and keeping people’s pockets fat is more important than simple cures made from simple things that keep everybody happy.

Photos: Maria Penaloza & Danielle Guercio


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