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Marijuana Is Mainstream: Check Out This Cool Commercial For A Vape

You know marijuana is mainstream when an award-winning ad agency with a client list that boasts brand such as Disney, Nestles, AT&T and Volkswagen creates a TV commercial for a cannabis brand. And the ground-breaking ad is being broadcast in several major California markets.

Eureka Vapor, purveyors of portable vaporizers and cannabis concentrates, teamed up with  Innovation Agency, whose work has been sought out by many Fortune 500 companies, to create a campaign dubbed “Discover Eureka.” According to the cannabis company, the ad campaign helps “spread the message of inclusion and acceptance throughout all the communities it serves.”

Since most television stations do not accept cannabis advertising, the agency helped mitigate the challenge by coming up with a concept that promotes the brand without ever showing the actual product.

“We wanted to create a commercial that captures the essence of the brand,” said Randall Huft, president and creative director of Innovation Agency. “Eureka stands for inclusion, acceptance and love. They want to promote mutual respect and understanding, and the discovery of the beauty and individuality of each human.”

Californians voted overwhelmingly in favor of adult recreational marijuana last November.

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