Friday, July 10, 2020
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Colorado Based Lucky’s Market Is Selling CBD Products

Lucky’s Market, a Colorado based chain of natural foods, has begun selling CBD products in their 25 stores which are located not only in Colorado, where cannabis is legal, but all over the country. Oops. The company acknowledges the risks and claims that they’ve had the necessary legal advice for this move. 

According to the company’s director Sindy Wise, their CBD products’ labels and standards meet the demands of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. reports that moves like this one haven’t been successful in the past, highlighting the time where Target was forced to stop selling some CBD products the minute they started to gather attention online. Target never spoke openly regarding this event.

Bo Sharon, owner of Lucky’s Market, believes that selling these products is the right move, claiming that they’re ahead of the curve and that they’re adapting to customer demands. The company also believes that cannabis products are the future of natural medicine.

It’s uncertain whether this move will play out positively for the Colorado based company or if the police will intervene. The main difference between this case and Target’s is the fact that Lucky’s is less popular and considerably smaller than the other business. 


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