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Sorry, You Can’t Have J-Lo’s Bedazzled Starbucks Cup And Here’s Why

Jennifer Lopez has been trotting around with an eye-catching accessory for awhile now, and no, it’s not Alex Rodriguez. It’s a custom-made Swarovski-covered Starbucks tumbler worth upwards of $500.

TMZ talked to the woman who made the custom cup for J-Lo, Teneka Moorewho says it was J-Lo‘s manicurist who asked for the bedazzled cup as a birthday gift for her famous client.

Moore says the manicurist contacted her through Instagram, and at first, she thought it was a joke. “I’m like, are you sure it’s the real J-Lo and not an impersonator?” says Moore, who assumed the blinged-out cup would just end up in a pile of gifts J-Lo received.


But the exact opposite happened: J-Lo has been carrying that thing around with her everywhere, acting as a walking billboard for Moore’s business, Taylor Made Bling.

She doesn’t carry a purse at all. She carries my cup and her cellphone. It’s crazy.

TMZ says other celebs have been reaching out to Moore to get their own bedazzled cup. And while the A-List might be a long one, with a long wait, Instyle has some more accessible Starbucks cups that are just as cool looking, but cost way less.


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