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New Bill Allows School Nurses To Give Medical Marijuana To Students

Colorado lawmakers are considering a bill to allow school nurses to administer medical marijuana to students with a valid medical marijuana recommendation. Bill HB18-1286 was introduced in the Colorado House last week.

The bill is sponsored by Democratic Rep. Dylan Roberts, Democratic Sen. Irene Aguilar and Republican Sen. Vicki Marble.

According to Inquisitr, a minor can only qualify for medical marijuana if they have a certain he or she must have a medical condition, including cancer, glaucoma, and HIV or AIDS. Also, seizures, severe nausea, and severe pain are on the list.

Currently under Colorado law, only a child’s primary caregiver can administer medical marijuana (in a non-smokeable form), but if passed, the new bill will include a school nurse. As FOX Denver reports, after the medical marijuana is given, the nurse would have to remove it from school property.

This bill comes one month after the family of an 11-year-old sued the school district and the State of Illinois after she was denied access to medical marijuana to treat her seizures during school hours — it’s a lawsuit the family won.

It’s estimated 250 children in Illinois uses cannabis oil patches for conditions ranging from epilepsy to cancer.

The bill will be considered by the health, insurance and environment committee.


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