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Data Shows People Like Cannabis Before Intimacy

In the eyes of cannabis users, marijuana can be used to improve a variety of symptoms that relate to sex.

Data shows people like cannabis before intimacy. A survey looking into the relationship between sex and cannabis shows that, for the most part, people believe that cannabis can really enhance their sexual encounters, producing relief from a variety of symptoms. Cannabis has been identified to have sexually stimulating effects and can intensify sexual experiences.

The survey, conducted by cannabis data company Strainprint, reports that 70% of responders said they had used cannabis as a way of enhancing sex. And 20% of them said they used cannabis before every sexual encounter, which is a little crazy.

Cannabis appears to be very malleable when it comes to sex, with people using it to treat a variety of symptoms, from simple ones, like increasing pleasure in sexual encounters, to more complex ones, such as reducing the symptoms of menopause and impotence.

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Legalizing Medical Marijuana Causes People To Have More Sex
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According to the survey, “43% of people surveyed said that they used cannabis to increase their libido, and 53% said they did it to achieve a better orgasm. 41% said that they used it to help them better connect with their partner, and 26% of users surveyed used cannabis to increase endurance and stamina.”

When it comes to the cannabis products used, smoked cannabis is the number one option, with edibles a close second. The more marijuana becomes accepted, the more people will begin to use cannabis-based lubricants and other products designed specifically to enhance sex. When it comes to the make up of the cannabis strain, THC is the clear preference for most people, with 70% of respondents choosing it over CBD or even hybrid strains.

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Studies conducted on marijuana and its effect on sex are positive, especially when it comes to relieving anxiety, stress and an overall more pleasurable experience. Women appear to reap the most benefits, with data on men showing mixed results.

You can check out more results from the survey here.


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