Monday, June 5, 2023

5 Ways To Keep Up With Your Quarantine Workout Once You Return To The Office

 Going back to the office doesn’t mean you have to stop the workout routine you nailed in lockdown. Here’s how.

The pandemic has proved to be the perfect opportunity to try out some new workouts, all with the intent of moving around and staving off boredom. Now that the weather is warming up, there’s ample opportunities for people to leave their homes, workout and return feeling refreshed and ready to take on some more isolation. Just kidding.

The world is slowly reopening, testing the waters and getting back to normal-ish. While this is exciting, it’s also important to be careful and to remember that we’re not out of the woods yet. It would also be great if we could all retain some of our fitness now that we have — or are gearing up — to jump back into office work.

Here’s 5 tips that can help you stay in shape:

Buy the right equipment

Going to work and then trying to find the time to go the gym or on a run during your day is difficult. If there’s one thing we learned from our months spent indoors is that you can work out a lot within your home. Purchase some weights, a yoga mat, a jump rope, or anything else that’s portable (and enjoyable). Make the time for workouts at home or somewhere else where you can just carry that stuff and burn some calories, no matter where you are.

Make time for the workouts you like

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There’s no need to pursue something you don’t enjoy. The important thing is that you have a workout routine. If you dread working out, try to transform your workout into something that you look forward to instead of it being something you dread. Hate running? Don’t do it then. Try going on long walks instead.

Use your calendar

Your calendar is a helpful tool whenever you’re too busy with appointments. Adding in the days and approximate times for your workouts will give you a reminder and also help you stick to them. Try getting up earlier, or sneaking in 10 or 15 minutes of jump roping before your morning shower or during your lunch break. No matter how busy you are, it’s entirely possible to fit in a workout.

Sneak in short workouts throughout the day

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A good strategy for days when you’re too busy and can’t block out an entire hour to exercise is to workout in chunks. Sneak in some push ups, bicep curls or a couple of runs up and down the stairs (assuming your office has a stairwell). While this method goes kind of against the norm, it will make you appreciate the movement of your muscles and how your body feels afterwards.

There’s no need to rejoin the gym

Gyms are still unsafe, which is why you don’t need to push yourself to rejoin them. Try new workouts that feel satisfying, no matter if they’re not as intense or grueling as what you’re used to. What matters is that you move around and stay motivated.



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