Sunday, August 14, 2022

Does Vince Vaughn Smoke Weed?

When it comes to weed, Vaughn vehemently opposes the war on drugs.

You’ve surely heard of Vince Vaughn, the iconic actor who’s starred in dozens of movies and has become a staple of buddy comedies. Although he’s not made many movies recently, at least, not any notorious or good ones, he broke the news when he amicably shook Present Donald Trump’s hand at a football game.

Ah, the internet’s favorite past time: observing the downfall of beloved cultural icons.

No matter if Vaughn supports Trump or if he was simply being courteous, the video made us ask ourselves a couple of important questions: Is Vince Vaughn high in this video? And subsequently: Does Vince Vaughn smoke weed?

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Vaughn is an interesting character, at least when it comes to his politics. Unlike a large percentage of Hollywood, he’s unafraid to support Republicans on occasions, calling himself a libertarian. He’s defended the rights of gun owners and collaborated with Glenn Beck, a conservative and polarizing political commentator, which makes sense after seeing the Trump video.

this newspaper handed out joints to celebrate marijuana legalization
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When it comes to weed though, Vaughn vehemently opposes the war on drugs.

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“Governments claim to write endless laws to protect us, a law for this, a law for that, but are they working? I don’t think so. The consequences are that there is a staggering loss of freedom for the individual. I look at the drug wars and they are absolutely fucking ridiculous. There is a black market and the prisons are overcrowded and it’s not preventing drug use. There’s a corruption that goes all the way to the top,” he said in an interview with GQ.

Then there’s also the rumor that while shooting Old School, starring Will Ferrell and himself, Snoop Dogg made a visit. And you know that when Snoop’s around, there’s also weed, so you can draw your own conclusions on whether Vaughn smokes or not.


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