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Don’t Smoke Bon Iver’s Weed, According To This Musical Collaborator

The marijauna Bon Iver secured for producer Wheezy Beats was the “worst weed” he’s had in his life.

In the likely scenario that you ever find yourself in a remote recording studio with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, a word to the wise—don’t smoke his weed. Yes, although Vernon is into LSD and DMT now, proselytizing its therapeutic and creative values, you should not ask him to secure you any cannabis. Otherwise, you’ll learn the same lesson that hip hop producer Wheezy Beats did.

Wheezy’s story comes thanks to a new episode of the New York Times excellent video series “Diary of a Song.” The Times video focuses on the five-year gestation process Bon Iver’s new song “iMi” underwent. But in a unused interview clip Times reporter Joe Coscarelli posted on Twitter, we learned how Wheezy was given “the worst weed in my life.”

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At one point while recorded at Bon Iver’s remote Wisconsin studio, Wheezy Beats ran out of cannabis. Vernon, hospitable man he is, went out and bought his fellow musician “a pound of weed.” Sadly, it wasn’t any good.

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“The weed was like grass,” Wheezy said. “I was grateful, ‘cuz they went and searched and really got it out in the middle of nowhere, but it was so fucking bullshit… He was doing me a favor, but man, that is the worst weed I had in my life.”

You can check out the full story below.


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