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Emmanuel Macron Smells Weed, Tells Kids ‘Won’t Help With Your Schoolwork’

When French president Emmanuel Macron was visiting French Guiana, only to discover what locals really smoke down there. Posing with locals in the territory’s capital Cayenne Friday night, Macro sniffed a whiff of marijuana smoke in the air.

Macron joked with the crowd that he still has a nose.

“So, there are some of you who do not only smoke cigarettes, huh?” he can be heard saying in a Facebook video posted to the president’s page.

“That will not help with your schoolwork,” he continued. “”You have to tell the youngest!”

The funny moment came at the end of Macron’s 48-hour visit to the South American territory, which borders Brazil. Not all was pleasant as Macron did stir some controversy with locals, when he denied further state aid, saying he was not “Father Christmas.”

Macron made headlines this summer when he announced legislation to end prison terms for marijuana consumers. The legislation was a key part of Macron’s presidential campaign in the country.

However, the law does stop short of fully decriminalizing the drug. According to Euronews, France remains one of six countries in the EU that continues to criminalize use of marijuana.

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