Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Watch Roger Federer, Style Icon, Play Tennis In A Scottish Kilt

Roger Federer is a style icon. He looks good in practically everything and updated the stodgy, boring tradition of tennis club wear over the years of his career. He’s produced the coolest tennis sneakers from a tennis star outside Stan Smith.

And now Federer is making wearing a kilt kind of fresh.

Federer and fellow tennis superstar Andy Murray played one another in a charity match Tuesday. The game was held in Glasgow, and the proceedings took on a rather Scottish flavoring.

It began with a slight cajoling from Federer to his opponent. Murray left a tin of his Granny’s shortbread cookies in Federer’s locker room as a gift. This caused Federer to joke this was Murray’s usual pregame ritual. Murray played along saying he needed to add a fried Mars bar as an additional snack.

The players soon entered the arena to warm up and welcome the crowd. At some point Federer announced that if someone had a kilt for him, he’d wear it during the match.

Guess what: someone had a damn kilt.

The fun didn’t end there. By match end Murray was wearing a see-you jimmy hat, trying to maintain the Scottish vibes floating around the court.

Federer won the match, but I think it’s safe to say the real winners were us.


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