Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The Fresh Toast Signs Benchmark Partnership With 800,000 Medical Professionals

In what will be a win for the entire cannabis patient community, The Fresh Toast signs benchmark partnership with Skipta, the leading social network of online medical communities for verified healthcare professionals. Skipta’s communities include Oncology Nation, Doctor Unite, Nurse Innovator and Cardiologist Connect. With 76 percent of doctors supporting medical marijuana, this partnership will offer a platform for North American physicians to share information with patients.

Skipta’s 800,000 healthcare professionals will develop accurate and reliable clinical information regarding the treatment of various conditions with medicinal cannabis for The Fresh Toast, as well as cannabis recommendations for patients. This partnership will encourage patients and caretakers to see The Fresh Toast as the trusted site for medical cannabis information.

The partnership—the first of its kind in the industry—will ensure doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers will receive accurate and reliable clinical information on the treatment of various conditions with medicinal cannabis, and will allow The Fresh Toast to exclusively publish health-related cannabis (and non-cannabis) content authored by Skipta’s healthcare community.

“The partnership between The Fresh Toast and Skipta can be a transformational step forward for medical cannabis,” said John Hudak, Ph.D., senior fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution and author of Marijuana: A Short History. “The Fresh Toast is one of the leading voices on all things cannabis and by forging a relationship with a massive network of healthcare professionals it will increase information, knowledge and access to knowledge for those at the forefront of the medical cannabis conversation. Relationships like this one help fill a government-driven, gaping void in our understanding of medical cannabis and the realities of its practice in American society.”

The Fresh Toast’s medical articles are overseen by Tom Green, MD. As the first site with a continuum of care, our goal is to provide cannabis healthcare information in an easily consumable format, which allows patients and caregivers to learn how aliments can be helped by cannabinoid medicine and what are the potential treatment options.

“From day one, The Fresh Toast has strived to be the mainstream voice for the cannabis industry by helping the general public understand marijuana and frame it in a way so that it fits into the everyday life,” said JJ McKay, publisher of The Fresh Toast. “Like wine, it can be a recreational option and like aspirin, it can help a variety of medical symptoms along with aches and pains.”

With the signing of this partnership, The Fresh Toast is the first marijuana media company in North America to integrate a medical association. Until now, no hospital, medical group, or practice has been linked with a cannabis company. Through our partnership with Skipta, The Fresh Toast will establish a channel for serious medical marijuana information with a network that includes 800,000 medical professionals including 600,000 physicians.

“As we see growing acceptance of cannabis in the US, especially for medical use, it is important for reliable health organizations and reputable media to take leadership in providing the public with scientifically sound information,” stated Regina Benjamin, former United States Surgeon General.

This year, The Fresh Toast will expand health coverage, roll out a dispensary and doctor directory and share cannabis patient stories with readers. This, combined with content from our Skipta healthcare partners, will allow us to become a lifeline for newly diagnosed patients as they learn what cannabis can do for them and how to get started.

Skipta supports the medical advancement of its members by offering a range of collaborative peer-based services that aid quality of care and contribute to improved patient outcomes. Skipta’s network provides trusted forums and a range of tools for the life sciences industry to engage with healthcare professionals.

Skipta Founder and CEO, Dr. Theodore Search, Pharm.D., stated, “This exciting partnership with The Fresh Toast offers us a unique vehicle to distribute reliable, trusted information on a potential treatment option likely to become revolutionary in improving patient outcomes across a variety of therapeutic areas. With clinical currently citing more than 700 studies regarding the use of cannabinoid medicine across various phases of the clinical process, there is much information out there for the public to stay apprised of—we are proud to lighten that burden by bringing the latest news and information to the public from a trusted source.”

Congratulations to The Fresh Toast for signing a benchmark partnership!


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